Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Fun

I still think of it as "the weekend" even tho it makes no never-mind to me now! LOL!
I've been keeping occupied, if not real busy, with some of the long put off chores on my list. One entire day went to emptying the pantry, scrubbing it down and painting the floor then restocking it after careful editing. MICE had moved in, and they promptly got moved out as soon as we knew about it, but they left a few things behind. A few stinky things. 'Nuff said. Here's a Pretty to make you quit thinking of mice in the pantry:

Say -- "oooo, aaahhhhh.."
This spectacular flower is called the Passion Flower after the Passion of Christ, because the stamens look like crucifixes. My big vine is about to explode with them and I can just sit and be awed by them for long stretches. Most of my week has been spent outside, installing drip irrigation all over my yard and planting and weeding and all the rest. On of my former patients told me about planting tomatoes upside down in hanging buckets so I thought I'd try it - if nothing else it sure gets conversation going!
Oldest DGS age 16 -- "Hey gramma - how come your tomatoes are upside down?"
"To see if they'll grow all the way to the ground" (they're about 6 feet up)
"Then why not just plant them in the ground to start with?"
Boys are too logical.
My 4 year old granddaughter came home from a camping trip with a tic behind her ear, and her Mama bravely twisted it out but the head stayed put, as these things will. So off to the doctor with the offending bug in a baggie, and everything is fine. Madeline carried her bug-baggie around for the rest of the day, and late in the evening her Mama heard her talking to it - taunting it really -- "You thought you were gonna drink all my blood but my Mama tore your head off and now you're kinda dead, ARENT' CHA?" My daughter relates that she nearly had her first bathroom accident in 34 years over that one, and so did I. Oh man, that kid is hysterical!
Not too much sewing going yet -- trying valiantly to get the sashing rows of the Civil War fabric, but unhappily the bias edges of all those little triangles have done what bias edges do and grooown some. Some of those blocks are a good 1/2 inch bigger than they should be and forcing them to fit the sashing is frustrating. Oh well -- it's only for me and "it will quilt out", right?

In other sewing, I have a mountain of cotton scrubs that I won't be wearing anymore but no way can I chuck them so I picked out a few to re-work. Cut off the sleeves, gather up the shoulders and take in the sides and suddenly I have a bunch of cool summer shirts. With pockets! The best thing about scrub tops is the pockets - mine always had strange things in them - paperclips, blood tubes, syringes, pens; lots of pens - notes, vials of meds -- who knows? Another top is on the block now possibly to become an apron. I'll show you that one if it comes out OK. Right now however, there's some cookies about to come out of the oven and suddenly a bunch of guys hanging around the family room. Think there's any connection?


Carol said...

Sounds like life is just grand...congratulations! Love your passion flower...the tomatoes are a hoot but I've heard it works...and your quilt is great!

Bren said...

I love your floral background! Beautiful.
You sure are enjoying yourself!!! It was like we could all feel the stress melt off of you in the past couple of weeks. Those tomatoes should do great upside down! I saw it on tv. The passion flower is gorgeous. I had never seen one before! I think Grandparents could write a book of cute grandkid quips!! You are lucky yours are so close!
The civil war quilt will be just fine. Fudge it and no one will ever know!

Pam said...

Fun times at SuBee's!!! whoo hoo!!

We had a Passion Flower take over one side of our yard..LOVED IT! But it had to go when we put a fence in. I still miss it.

Hope your toms reach the ground...we love planting things upside down~you can actually plant almost anything upside down and it will grow...can't wait to see what your toms look like in another month or so.


Fabricfaire said...

Waah,my passion flower is a yellow,I love your purple. They do take over,got a volunteer trying to get in the kitchen door! Gee, a new "do" in your pantry! I know that was a ton of work! I tried the "upside down" trick last summer in a reaaly nice pot my DD sent,darn thing got to hot I guess as the plant died!! I agree w/Bren,fudging works. Only you will know! Oooh,it is tick season,give Madeline some "frontline" smears!!! heehee!

Teresa said...

The passion flower you show looks a lot like what we used to call May Pops. They would bloom in May and had green seed pods the shape of a lemon but a little smaller. We would step on them and they woul "pop". That might be why we had so many of them, they were so much fun to pop.

Leslie said...

I agree with Bren, the stress is just melting away. You might find you have the patience for those CW bias edges now that it doesn't have to be fitted in on a weekend. :0)
Yay Maddy!

Hannies Annies said...

I am glad you are having fun!! aren't grandchildren great!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I cant believe you planted those upside down. Did you put seed in first then dirt??? Very cool.
Love your quilt blocks. And that flower is beautiful.

Angela said...

Love the bug story!