Saturday, May 24, 2008


A Fiery Horse with the speed of Light,
A cloud of Dust
And a mighty HI YO Silver!

Or, as Montegomery Gentry sings it -

"This ain't no temporary tearful goodbye, uh uh uh

Any way you look at it -- I'm Done. Fini -- over it. OK - so it was an emotional day, lots of laughing, tears, scared people, teasing, panic.......oh yea, and LONG. Got to work about 6:30am and got home at 9:30 - pm. They gave me a great send off:

Beautiful huge basket of plants
Chocolate roses.......and chocolate covered strawberries

Ice cream sundaes and banana splits.....

Pitchers of margaritas.....

What? Oh - you can't see the ice cream or margaritas? Hmmm.... I wonder why that is?
On my first day of long vacation (remember this is 6 weeks or so) I slept till 6 am! I staggered into the kitchen and fumbled for some eggs and coffee, but couldn't find eggs or coffee so had to settle for cold cereal and diet Pepsi - (note to self; if you're gonna eat at home you should stock some groceries. Just a thought)
Next up -- feed the cat, checking e-mails, showing you what's left of my loot, and get some hand work ready for tomorrows bluegrass day. Or since it's all cloudy and drizzly and sleepy looking outside maybe I'll just go back to bed. LOL -- because I can!!!
Strangely I still have a few clinic related problems swimming in my head but hopefull they'll drown and nothing else will make it's way in. I'd like to be a bubble head for awhile.
Now I can read every blog in the ring and even leave comments!!
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Quilting Journey said...

You did it!!! Congratulations, best wishes, and welcome to the first day of the rest of your brand new life!!! Now the fun really if, flowers, candy, margaritas, and chocolate covered strawberries weren't enough! Dang, know how to live AND retire! I'm not in any ring..but you sure as heck better have time to pop in and visit me ;)

Fabricfaire said...

What a fine deserving tribute to you! Just how much fun can you "jam" into the next six weeks!??? Probably just lay around and eat more strawberries!!!

Pam said...

If I weren't so excited for you I would think you were bragging!! LOL Hip HIP HORRAY whoo hoo party on girlie girl!!! I am so excited for you...just remember a good job finished, a summer ahead of you with the grands and new adventures down the road...whoo hoo!!!


Kim said...

Congrats on starting down your new path in life! I just hope for your sake that it leads you past a grocery store at some point! LOL!

Leslie said...

Was the diet Pepsi flat besides? Man! What some people will eat for breakfast... it's just amazing. Will we see some *finishes* in the next six weeks. :cD
Way cool!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Diet Pepsi and cereal works too. LOL!!!! Enjoy your time.