Wednesday, May 07, 2008

4 Season Swap

My little swap quilt arrived, and it's so cute! Heidi from My Happy Turtle made it and it just looks like a new garden to me. Love those fabrics!
(Shhhh -- be vewy vewy quiet - the baby is sleeping with her new quilt in her new crib)

She also so generously sent along this awesome zippered bag she made:

How cool is that? Love the handle and clasp - I put it in my purse right away and put all my loose change in there. Wallets just don't have change pockets anymore, have you noticed? My purses get full of loose change I can never get to when I need it. Anyhow, THANK YOU Heidi! Go check out her Happy Turtle blog - she has some fantastic bags ----
The crib came from a girlfriend who found it at a garage sale for a dollar. ONE dollar! I've been stalking e-bay trying to find a wooden doll crib like this but I didn't want to pay the huge prices they're bringing, plus 30 or 40 bucks shipping. ONE dollar! What you can't see in the pic is the cute flower decals on the headboard and footboard. The varnish is all crazed and it's pretty dirty but so perfect. We figure it's from maybe the 40's, and looks like a kit some nice Daddy put together. So cool.
Now that the Commish is gone I've rebounded by making more civil war blocks, I can't stop! The blocks finish at a very odd 8 and 3/4 inches, but who cares, they're all the same odd size........

I'm having so much fun playing with the combinations of fabrics. To me, civil war repos tend to look muddy so I'm trying to punch them up by color and value combinations and some careful cutting.

Besides the 30 blocks up on the wall now, there's 12 more on the sewing table that will be done soon. I won't get it pieced together this weekend tho, 'cos it's a Mothers' Day extravaganza! Saturday I'm heading south to take all my grandbabies Mamas out for lunch. Just to thank them for providing me with all those cute kidlets! Saturday evening my kids are planning some kind of fete, but last night we got word that my DDIL's grandfather has died, at age 90. She and my son will be heading to the Bay Area to be with her family. My DD and DGD will be following me home and spending the night and Sunday we'll see what kind of mischief we can get into.
I finally have a few flowers blooming in my yard (now that I planted some, lol) and these are all newcomers this year:

The snowball bush is actually 3 years old now, and this is the first time it's bloomed. Love those big pom-poms, and they last for weeks! The tulips put on a heck of a show, these changed colors from a pale yellow to the bright red-orange, in stages like paint has been dripped down their petals. And the shy lupines are suddenly 4 feet tall and screamin! Ahh, Springtime.

There's still time to get in on the drawing for the shelf sitters - I'll have my DGD draw a name Saturday night and post on Sunday. Just leave a comment on the previous post and tell a friend! I've met some way cool bloggers new to me this way, what a bonus for doing a giveaway.

Have a wonderful MD weekend!


Anne Ida said...

Wonderful swap quilt from Heidi! And it looks perfect for the doll bed :o)

Your Civil War blocks are gorgeous!!! I love the way you have done the fussy cutting!

Take care and happy quilting!

Pam said...

My dolly bed is very similar, one side drops down like a real crib, has decals and looks to be about the same size. It was my baby doll bed when I was a little is very old! LOL

I'm still hunting for my baby doll, Pug...I know she has been safely packed away for years...evidently TOO safely!

I'll post a picture of it as soon as my Miniature Booty Swap arrives.

Pam@ is so pea green with envy that SuBee gets the summer off!!!

dot said...

I like your civil war quilt blocks. Those are really nice. I have a snowball tree, they are one of my favorite trees, I just love those white round balls of flowers.

Leslie said...

Those Crossed Chimney blocks *rock* I love the colors and prints. Such variety coming out of your corner of the quilt world; raspberry commish, Spring Fling, Civil War revisited. What next?

My Happy Turtle said...

Phew! I'm so glad you got the quilt! And I'm even happier that you like the quilt! :) There was a lot of drama at the post office about your zip code, and eventually they convinced me to use what they had in their database. I was a wee bit concerned the whole package would disappear off into the ether.

You're Civil War blocks are amazing! Looking at all of these quilts on the 4 Season's blogs have inspired me to try some new things.

Take care!

Louise said...

Hi Su, I have received your gorgeous quilt and other goodies and it's all so wonderful!! What a cheerful, colourful quilt and such fantastic quilting - we love it!! The mags are good although I need to have a really good read - one has the perfect quilt for my 1930's stash so I'm thrilled with that. And of course the girls are hugely delighted with such an interesting array of lollies/candy.
I am overwhelmed by your generosity and as it arrived when I was feeling a little down it completely made my day.
I wish you all the best in your new endeavors and hope you have a good break.
Thanks so much.

Karen said...

What a buy on the doll bed. Lucky you. Enjoy and make lots of doll quilts.

Your Civil War blocks look great. It is going to be a wonderful quilt.

Suze said...

How peacefully she rest under that lovely quilt.

Only 15 days....... I am looking at 31 weeks. I am trying not to wish my life away.

What other name does the civil war block go by? It looks familiar but I can't get a name to go with it.

Fabricfaire said...

Lucky Dolly,new bed and quilt! So cute!! I just love a bargain! (steal) I think you are just a whizz on that Janome! The civil war blocks are such soothing colors! Spring flowers do bring such joy when you grow them "all by oneself"!! Happy Mom's Day! Enjoy those GKids!

Kim said...

Your Civil War blocks look great! It makes me want to make some too, but alas--too many projects already begun! Oh, and I LOVE your snowball bush. We have one and it took a couple years to bloom too. Hubby hasn't a clue when it comes to gardening and generally operates on a scorched earth philosophy, so he chopped ours way back about a month or so ago. I wonder whether it will bloom next year or whether we'll have to wait a few years again? At least I can enjoy yours! LOL! said...

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