Saturday, May 10, 2008

And the winner is......

This is amazing, incredible beyond reason. And this really, truly happened this way, as far fetched as it seems. I printed out all the comments and cut them up then dropped them into the bottom of this big vase. I had DGD Madeline stick her hand waaaay down there and stir them up for a long time, no fair peeking.
"Why can't I peek?"
"Because that's the rules"
"Who made the rules?"
"Umm...everyone agrees and it becomes a rule"
"Can you peek?"
"No, Baby, not me either"
"Then how did you put them in there?"

So she did a fine job of mixing and pulling out a name without looking. Here's where the odd part comes in.

The winner is my own darling friend ROSY from Fabricfarie!!!!
All your wonderful comments from all over the globe, and I pull my friend!
Honestly, this is exactly how it happened. Rosy Honey -- I'll be hand delivering this and we'll do lunch!
Thank you everyone for playing along. This is a great way to lure out you lurkers so we get to "meet" you - I've found some really fun blogs and fantastically creative ladies and been so surprised by who stopped by - it was a blast. Hmmmmmm.......what can I cleebrate with a drawing next?
Today was Mother's Day for my girls - 3 of them, anyway. I wanted to take the mommies of my grands out to thank them and acknowledge a job well done. We had a blast, and I got lots of smoochie time with the kids. Here's the girls with their respective kids:
The middle guy Jayden will be 11 months old in a couple of weeks and the kid is WALKING all over the place! Holy cow - I was shocked. Do they really walk that early now? I brought the two on the right home with me, so I'm signing off to go play -- Have a wonderful Mothers Day!


Pam said...

uh...can we say "hanging chad" ??? can we lobby for a recount??? LOL

The pic of your girls (minus one) is terrific...such happy vibes all around...whoo hoo

Enjoy your day if you wouldn't!


Bren said...

I love her face as she is showing the winner!! Your girls (and the little guy) are beautiful!! Happy Mother's Day!

Fabricfaire said...

Those darling GKids and Moms look sooo very happy! I can see the love in their eyes for you!
OMG....REAALLY??? WHOOO HOO, ME,THE WINNAH?? OH,BOY,OH BOY!!!! That just makes this Mothers Day even more so very special! You sure "they" wanta leave your cosy room?? I will take very good care of those darling little critters! You can have visiting previliges any time!!!!! Thankyou..soverymuch!!!xoxo

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Happy belated Mothers Day to you!!!

julieQ said...

Congratulations to Rosey! Happy Mother's day.