Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The South Rises Again

The Civil War isn't over everywhere, you know. There's still parts of this country where hot spots flare up every once in awhile.
Like my sewing room.
I didn't have this much trouble with my very first quilt! Or any other one I've ever made for that matter! These blocks ended up being such a biasy mess that I nearly wanted to burn the whole thing. There's at least 2 reasons for the mess - first is that the construction method I used left 12 little bias edged HST's on the outer edges of every single block. Those suckers only live to stretch. The second reason could be that I pieced them on 2 different machines - that could have been enough to throw everything haywire. The sashing strips were cut to the measurements of the first 10 or so blocks that were consistant in size, in this case 9 3/4 inches. And the first few rows were fine! As time went on tho, we had DEVELOPMENTS:
This is unsewn, just pinned to show the big difference. Some were a lot worse! I took each row and sprayed and steamed and pressed the mamajammer out of them, doing my level best to shrink 'em. For the most part it worked pretty well ----
Now at least they were in the same neighborhood, and I muddled through getting all the rows joined up. Some of the bigger blocks that are now surrounded by smaller sashing on 4 sides are really really bubbly!! After something like 4 days of intermittent frustration and a few choice %$#*!! at last I had the block body together. And the inside measurement thru the middle was about one and 1/4 inch shorter than those damn bias edges!!! Here's how I deal with inside borders that need to be "persuaded"
Lay it out carefully on the floor and use t-pins into the carpet to hold the border strip and top.
Then I kind of scooch my fingers around underneath to ease the fullness and pin the middle and pin and pin and pin and pin. So that went on SORT OF ok, but the border fabric I picked out was 2 inches too short and of course I didn't have any more. So I pieced it - what the heck, how much worse can it get? And eventually I had 2 borders on and laid it out to see how bad the bubbly blocks were:
YIKES!!! Really Really bad!! Oh wait -- Cuervo's under there playing Quilt Cop......Cuervo with the tequila gold colored eyes. Good thing I like him or those eyes would creep me out. So the next step was to prepare a backing. I'm trying to use stash, and I had a giant piece of incredibly ugly CW that I picked up for about a buck at some big sale --- good enough. I've already decided that this puppy won't ever leave my house and my name sure won't be on it so ugly CW will do just fine. After that I had to stop and smell the roses...........these came from my patio.

After that brief intermission, plus a quick lunch date with Hunny, I layered the thing up and spray basted it and spent a long long time patting and smoothing and finally had a flat, square sammich ready to quilt:

So now the 'Rebel Quilt' (gotta be, doncha think?) is under the needle and durned if it's still not done attacking. Now the thread is breaking every foot or so. And my free-hand straight lines are anything but, and my usually good stitches look like crap. Tonight I pick out the quilting on 2 blocks, and tomorrow it gets all quilted, even if it just ends up being nothing more than an all over design. Or maybe a Confererate flag in every block? LOL!!


Pam said...

Me thinks you have been off work too long...LOL

I think this is totally beautiful! It might not lay flat like you want it to, it might not quilt out like you want it to ~ but it is beautiful, even if a little REBELious.


Bren said...

Every boo boo quilts out in the end!!!! I think it is incredible!! I want to see that ugly CW fabric!
Your roses are wonderful!

Leslie said...

Well you're stickin' with it, which is a big statement to how much you've grown as a quilter. I've seen you chuck lesser challenges in the way-back closet so Yay for Su!
Also I think it's stunning. Wow! And ya know, a year or five from now the blood, sweat and tears will be nothing but a distant memory. :0)

Elaine Adair said...

It may have given you grief, but girl, it is really marvelous. I saw this pattern done on F & P, in repro, and in also in jazzy modern colors. Don't remember how they handled the outer bias edges. Another on my "to do" list.

Remember "It'll quilt out!"

Fabricfaire said...

Geez...this is a great looking quilt top. Keep going....every once in a while stop and smell those beautiful roses! SYS!

Anne Ida said...

Sorry this quilt is giving you a hard time! Hope it will be better after a night's sleep!!! Best of luck to you!

I have loved this since the first blocks you showed us! It is a beauty!

Julie said...

What ugly are you talking about? I only see stunning & gorgeous in that quilt. Just like the roses...stunning & gorgeous.

Hannies Annies said...

I love it!! and Cuervo is adorable!!!

Kim said...

Hey, Su Bee, it looks really nice, I think! You're being too hard on yourself maybe. Funny thing about bias edges--we had one speaker at guild who uses ALL bias edges and claims that when you put bias edge to bias edge, the whole thing lays flat. Scary concept though! LOL!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love that quilt. Great pattern. We've all had moments like that dont worry. Just do some heavy quilting in the problem areas. Loved the cat under there. LOL

Teresa said...

Its a beautiful quilt and a few bumps here and there just give it character. Besides...most Southerners buck the norm anyway.

Karen said...

Regardless of how difficult the "Rebel Quilt" has been, it looks wonderful. I love the block pattern and your fabric choices.

Marcie said...

Your Rebel Quilt is wonderful! I am wondering why you didn't use 1/4 sq triangles on the edges to avoid the bias? It is a great block, and I love ugly CW fabric! Crazy, isn't it? Hope your arm is feeling better and you have a good time in Utah.

Rose Marie said...

Gosh .... but it sure looks good to me, even with that bump ... and just love the title!

SubeeSews said...

Hey Su Bee...this is Subee from Indiana. Yes we are alike. My pink and brown Orange Crush actually did a weird thing to me. One side had 11 blocks and the other had 11 1/2...hubby noticed...I had to rip it out and resew...got that bugger under control.The quilt was fighting me the whole way. And I love Cuevro...xoxox Subee