Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On her way Home (and a SURPRISE!)

4 Season Swap - (Spring) is all done and on her way to her new home......and there's another one being born even as I write. I couldn't let her go, you know? I just had to make another one to keep. I had a blast with the quilting on this - in lots of colors and lots of glitter.

And lot's of headaches!!! What is it about working on something for someone else, specifically (not in the abstract) that makes me crazy? I had a ton of problems on this - constant thread breakage then a horrible stretch of needle breakage!

I broke 4 needles in about 30 minutes! Gaack!! I finally took the needle plate off and could see where the needle was hitting it. When I put it back on I scooched it as far forward as the screws would allow and that seemed to fix it. What a pain! - But, I'm tickled with how it turned out.

At long last The Commish was delivered and the check nestled into my bank account and now I can forget about it, right? WRONG!!!!! I sent it with DH to work because The Guy works with Hunny and I didn't particularly need to see him. I folded it carefully and safety pinned a note to the outside explaining quilt care and hanging and washing instructions. I also wrote a little note to The Guy saying that I had folded the quilt in an exact way so there wouldn't be any fold lines going thru any of the picture transfers. So this evening over the Greek/Italian chopped salad with olives, goat cheese and creamy balsamic dressing I asked DH if The Guy had ever said anything about liking the quilt or not? Anything? Nope - get this - HE NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT IT!!!!! huh??? really?? are you kiddin me??!!! The Guy simply put it into a box and wrapped it up!!! As I was choking on my macadamian nut crusted halibut with lemongrass sauce, Hunny said "He was afraid he wouldn't be able to fold it back the right way" Holy cow - can you imagine??? I nearly dropped my sauteed baby bok choys into the grilled polenta. I had to take a huge swig of my mango-lime martini before I could breathe again. Oh well.......to each his own I guess. At least I enjoyed my dinner!!!!
On the job front, word has gotten around. Some of the newer, younger staff were told that I am retiring and it's no big deal to them. Our Medical Director was very sad - I worked with him in his private practice years and years ago so we've been together almost 20 years. Last week we had our new Regional Director and new Vice President visiting and neither of them said a single word, but the next day I was adjusting something in one of the staffs' timesheets and I happened to notice that I magically got a big fat raise. Hmmmm...... and without a word - how ODD, ya think? This morning I received an invitation to a luncheon in my honor to be held in Old Sacramento 2 days before I'm done. Old Sac is only about 4 hours from here!!!! I have to laugh, why not? Heck, I told my work buddy she has to come too, and we'll hit some quilt shops in the Big City while we're wasting a day. Kim? Any ideas? What's in Old Sac?
Also today I got a call from the director of a rival dialysis corporation 50 miles south of us, a lady I knew way back when, when I was in the private practice and she was in my position at the local dialysis clinic. She visited a bit then asked if I would be interested in coming to work for them -- LOL!!! I thanked her politely and said what a compliment, blah blah blah, and inside my head was screaming - "O hell no!!!!" Nice to be asked tho, huh?
And so my final duty to wrap up now is gather up all the Guild membership stuff and hand that over this weekend then I'm almost a free agent. I feel 10 years younger already. At this rate, by this time next month I should be about, oh, 25!!! ROFL!

PS - I almost forgot!!! I hit post number 200! You know what that means, right? A giveaway! Yaaa!!! Leave a comment on this post and I'll draw a name on May 10th, for these cuties:

Good Luck!


May Britt said...

Your spring quilt is beautiful Lucky one who receives it. Love the bright colours and flowers in this one.

Anne Ida said...

Wonderful spring quilt! Lucky person who gets this! And I can see why you had to make one for yourself as well :o)

Deb said...

What a beautiful quilt. Love all the colors.
Congrats on your 200th post.
Love reading your blog.

Darlene said...

Congrats on 200 posts!

Love your spring quilt - sweet!

Bet it feels great to be a "short timer". LOL

Bren said...

I LOVE that spring quilt...I think I may have just repeated myself, but it bears repeating. Beautiful quilting. I had a huge amount of needle breakage when I was hand quilting my Fall swap! It was very frustrating.
Congrats on 200 posts!!!

Carol Van Rooy said...

I saw those little characters on another blog and fell in love.

I'm figuring you ought to be in a stroller soon (HEHEHE).


Patti said...

Good for you sticking to your guns - you will adore being retired! And the lack of stress is marvelous.

I'd love those shelf sitters - I've been eyeing them for months ever since I saw them on another blog.

Donna said...

Congradulations on 200 posts!! I love your spring quilt. It is so very happy. I really enjoy your blog.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Congrats on 200 posts!

What a beautiful quilt...sorry to hear you had so much trouble with it.

Anonymous said...

Hello - I LOVE you flower quilt! It is so cheerful and just makes me smile. Congrats on your retirement as well! I have been reading your blog for quite a while, I don't have one of my own but I am a "lurker" on over 125 blogs - I've learned so many great quilting things from bloggers like you and I really appreciate your sharing!

Jennifer in North Dakota

Fabricfaire said...

Your talent never stops, I love this quilt! What is with that "Commish" guy??? Oh well at least he admitted he was a lousy folder!!! I bet his honey will just go nuts over that creation. Old Sac...great fun spot. Live it up! I love those little shelf sitters!!!! I think they are "chattering" away! See ya soon!

Supermom said...

I LOVE this!!! make me one, PLEASE!!! kidding, but really is is stunning and wildly fun (totally me)

is it a pattern?

Kim said...

Oh, I love your spring quilt. It's so frustrating to break thread, but it seems to have been worth the effort! So you want quilt shops?! Okay, I can do that! There aren't any in or around Old Sac but there are a few that aren't too long a drive. I'll email you privately.

Pam said...

First -- Can I come to dinner???

I love the spring quilt - it is fabulous!!!

Good to hear all is going great on the job front. I think you should only as young as 25 years - who would want to relive those teenage years -LOL

lil said...

that spring quilt is so gorgeous, all the troubles are forgotten now and worth every effort

Mama Koch said...

I love the flowery quilt! Reminds me of the "Laugh-in" days and flower-power. CUTE.CUTE!

Gotta smile when you see this one.

Sarah N. said...

The spring quilt is beautiful! Your swap mate will love it!

Congrats on being so close to retirement. I know you will enjoy having more time to quilt.

doni said...

Congrats on your upcoming retirement! Me too! Let's make a pact - not to volunteer for anything for 3 months after retirement. I'm afraid that I will fill up my time before I find out just what I want to do - besides quilt!

Love the spring quilt - I can't spot the beginning flower! did you take it off?

NE for 30 more days

My Happy Turtle said...

What a great spring quilt! Such amazing detail! Nice work!

fiona said...

what a fantastic, amazing, wonderful quilt!i am totally blown away!you are one clever lady, hope its coming to melbourne???

Mar said...

Congrats on getting all of your loose ends tied up and hitting 200 too! I love your spring quilt, fabulous job!!! now go enjoy what ever perks they give you before you hit the door :-)

Pam said...

200 posts! whoo hoo!!!

When you draw my name do I get to pick what you are sending me? 'Cause I want that flower power quilt~or~the week upon week of off time from the office!!!


Congrats...200 whoo hoo!!


Sara said...

congratulations on your 200th post! i LOVE LOVE LOVe your spring quilt swap! the bold colors are amazing ... I need to work with bright colors more. They look like they are a whole lot of fun!

domi2.5 said...

The colors of the spring quilt are amazing.

Congrats on reaching 200 posts.

Purple Pam said...

Love the spring quilt, also the baby quilt swap. Congrats on 200 posts.

Quilting Journey said...

Throw my name into the grab bag...love everything but that thimble is calling my name. I collect'em so the little kids that come to visit can put them on their fingers like olives and leave my scissors and such alone ;) Heck, I'd be happy with ANY of these cuties. Heck, I'm having fun just looking at them and being happy that someone is going to get these lovelies, period. Nice, nice gifts! ANd I've been in love with that quilt since you first posted a pic of it. Fabulousy creative.

Rose Marie said...

What a delightful quilt .... so bright and cheery and your swap partner will sure to love it! Congrats. on your retirement .... enjoy!