Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Show me your -----

Libby has challenged us all to show our ironing boards. Now just think about this a minute...........In what other society, anywhere on EARTH do people show off their commonest, meanest household items? LOL -- we are a strange breed alright. And not only do we show them off, but we LOVE our ironing boards!! Humble, royal, pristine or grungy, we leave them up all the time and can't get through a day without them. Speaking of grungy.......... don't tell Sharon -- I'm just sayin! So in the spirit of wretched camaraderie, (or soulful sisterhood?) I present my humble ironing table, and it's CURRENT hot occupant:
I made this topper myself, to go over the cabinet that DH made. It's a 2x4 sheet of white laminated shelving with one layer of cotton batt over it, and topped with this heavy cotton duck I got on the clearance table for a couple of bucks. It's been on there for close to 3 years now, and I've taken it off to wash once. Looks like it's about due again, I guess. It's a nice hard surface and seems impervious to abuse. Good thing, considering it's lot in life, eh? And what's that piled up on the left side? Well, there is ALWAYS a stack of fabric there, I don't know how it gets there. This time it's pieces left over from a 2 a.m. play date this morning, looking a lot like a SPRING SWAP wannabe:
The idea is that it will have some sort of appliques in the biggest blocks. Meeybe yes, meeybe no. I see now that the lower right has a serious bigtime problem that's going to prevent it from ever seeing the light of day, but that's how the creative cookie crumbles. Playing with my new toy I finally finished the quilting on the Spools quilt, and the borders look so cool!
That's a King Tut variegated thread and I just love how it pops - something tells me there's a lot of that thread going to show up in my mailbox soon.
I'm off to a comatose day at work - LOL!!! I have to sit all alone in the abandoned clinic waiting for deliveries. Awww, darn it anyway. No phones - they're forwarded to the other place. No fax - it's gone. No visitors - front is all locked up and dark. No patients, no whiny staff, no crazy families. Jes' lil old me and my celly, and what will I do with all that time????


Leslie said...

It's the *iron* that I'm oggling. Wheredya get that? Wow!
And love your feather- rickydoodles. That border rocks!

Rosy said...

I do love your "pressing" area!!
The new "toy" done good on your border! Of course the gal steering it around deserves some credit also! If you need anything to "practice" on just let me know!!!

Libby said...

Looks great *s* (of course everyone knows there's never been a plaid I didn't like!)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love your Spring Swap quilt. OMG that's so cute. And your ironing board.............not so cute. LOL!!!!! But the area is great. I could use a big space for ironing.

Lisa Boyer said...

Oh, the quilting is beautiful on that border! I love King Tut, too. Yummy stuff.

Elaine Adair said...

My goodness - have LOTS of fun with your new toy.

I couldn't find the error unless the two lavender pieces aren't supposed to be together ... ?

Good job on the quilting, and yuk to the ironing board cover - looks like mine! LOL

Bren said...

Your "ironing board" is wonderful. You are right...we are a strange breed to get such a kick out of showing ans seeing pressing surfaces!!
Your "maybe" spring swap is beautiful...I do not see wrong anything in the corner....
Wonderful quilting!!

Pam said...

Oh - that is a cool iron!! I think I need one of those "shelves that has an ironing board on top" I have seen a few of them and it looks like such a great idea - extra storage and and ironing board.

That quilting does look great on the border!!

julieQ said...

I love your larger ironing spot! I got tired of buying new ironing board covers, and now make them myself out of old sheets. And yes, I have a stack of fabric on my ironing board too!

Wendy said...

That's a very nice ironing surface. Your quilting is fantastic. I'd say you will have a great day at work. Did you bring some stitching?

Mary said...

Your quilting is wonderful! you and your new toy are a great team! BTW, I'm tagging you, see my blog.

Andy Guo said...

I love your Spring Swap quilt.
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