Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little bit O spring

We've had a most SPLENDID weekend! The weather hung around in the low 70's, with a teeny whisper of breeze, and it felt like a warm spring day. I played outside most of the day and have a bit of a rosy glow about me, and these gorgeous shots:

The first daffys of the year -- whoo-hooo! I have a hundred more that are little yellow buds, and another hundred that are just a few inches up, so I'll have daffys for quite awhile **VBG**
Today was the first day that I've been human for awhile - I fought with that ear infection for a week or so, and just as that was cleared up I got a case of labrynthitis -- dizziness. Almost certainly related to the ear, and certainly enough to knock down a horse! So that feeling human jazz was terrific - I couldn't sit still! I finagled Hunny into helping me (read that - DOING IT HIMSELF- LOL!!) finally install the dryer vent hose to the outside. Our washer/dryer set up is very very strange, the former owners had them outside on the back porch and until I decide where I want them to be, they're OK there. We never did get around to hooking up the vent hose tho, so that porch got really hot and really linty, but NO MORE! Hunny sure growls a lot when I get good ideas. Hmmm... I don't understand. I found a nest of chickens eggs behind the dryer - how redneck is that???? My chickens have the run of the yard for now, and I guess we had a bit too much rain for them. ROFL! Not as bad as the time DH left the outside door to his office open and they laid an egg on his filthy desk! And he discovered it when the Captain of the squad stopped by and they went into the office! Oh man, I laughed myself sick, and the captain is still telling that story.

I did play inside a bit today - and mostly I hunted around online for an iron. Yes, my saga of the irons continues. You'll recall that the $130.00 "professional model" that DH bought for me without any begging on my part (no, really!!) turns out to be SO HOT that I can set it on the fabric and go read a few blogs. So Leslie brought by this oldie but goodie, and that sucker will scorch if I so much as draw breath while I'm using it. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! She found this at a yard sale for $5 - and she and her DH cleaned it all up and it's good. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it's so hot, I just giggle. I know, simple things for simple minds. Anyhow - my only complaint is that it doesn't have the shot of steam, nor does the spray work, and those are both tools that I use a lot so I want to find something similar. To date, I have purchased 3 brand new irons and they've all gone back to the store. e-bay is a disappointment so far, but the search will go on!
I spent a fair amount of time today sitting in the sun in my adirondack chair, working on dollys and clothes; you realize I have the attention span of a 2 year old? Maybe not that good........hey, I bet that's why all the grands like me! Oh no, wait, maybe it's the chocolate chip cookies. But I digress.

Here are 3 of the femme fatales that are currently hanging around my room. There's a few more in various stages, including a couple of slightly disturbing scenes. The gal on the left is wearing a FQ so she won't be caught 'nekkid', and the one in the middle is an original, made by Nicole Ellison. On the right is my dirty-faced girl, LOL! my first attempt at coffee staining. Oh man, they have to come out better than that!!! Now for the slightly disturbing shots:

ROFL!! Really only one leg had fallen just about there, but I couldn't resist.

This dismembered, bald sweetie is laying right where I set her down, waiting patiently to be given arms and legs and hair and all that good stuff. Gee, I hope my attention span doesn't flit off somewhere else before that happens! She could be lying there staring at me for months!

So now on to the mundane Sunday night tasks: close the time clock, paint the nails, prepare for the cleaning ladies tomorrow - my favorite day of the week!! I hope your weekend was a good one - I better go see what you're up to, just in case.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

ROFLOL that is so funny with annie's legs under that dresser. Very cute photo. Love your annies too by the way. And of course love Nicole's annie.

Lisa Boyer said...

Ooohhh, I know what you mean! I love a nice hot scorching iron, too. I like my Rowenta, but the auto-off drives me nuts. Love the dolly legs shot...too funny!

Nettie said...

Love the Wicked Witch of the West shot. Very sweet dollies!

Rosy said...

Daffy's to Dolly's to a red hot iron......that is so you.. could that be a sequel to "she's a real firecracker"!! Hee,hee!

Catherine said...

The story of the iron really struck home! I'm now hunting for an iron that gets really hot! Bought a new one at Christmas that is great for clothes, but just doesn't get hot enough for me!

I love your blog! Will be back often.

CAB said...

Any tips on making doll clothes for unusual shaped dolls? My little girl has a small stuffed Pooh and wants a whole wardrobe for him - eek!He has a little t-shirt that is removeable and I thought I might try to use it as a template...thoughts?

Found your blog through the current pumpkin tutorial - I think I made some like that ages ago in Girl Scouts! Good memories :)

I'm currently attempting my first quilt - it'll be for baby #5, a girl :) My poor other neglected children are quiltless - they'll be next in line if I can get this first one done! Stop by if you have a moment - it's always nice to get other perspectives! (I started to say "Other quilters' perspectives", but I'm not sure when I can qualify as a true quilter!).