Sunday, February 17, 2008

weekend fun

There is nothing nothing nothing better than being a Grandma! NOTHING! I thought that about being a Mom, but I really have to give the edge to Gramma-hood. LOL - I am not responsible for vaccinations or diapers or fights at school and I am always treated like royalty -- what could be better? Take this little prince; Nicholas. He's six months old and hasn't seen me since he was 4 months old - one third of his life, right?

Yet, when his Mama came to hand him to me, he put out his arms and dove into me - and immediately grabbed 2 little fistfuls of my skin and hair and tried his best to eat my face, squealing the whole time. Now that's a welcome!! And a wet one too, I might add. He was equally excited to see his cousin Madeline -
but she wasn't having any of the hair pulling so she held his hands, LOL! Smart girl! Too much fun, I tell you.
My other fun was buying a new sewing machine, WHOO-HOO!! I have the Janome 6500 that I bought just a couple of months before the 6600 came out, and that was fine, until I learned some things about the 6600 that made me decide to step up. So I wandered into the dealer and said "I want that" and they sputtered, "don't you want a demo?" "Nope - wrap it up please" Well, it doesn't work that way. They have to bring it in from the warehouse, and do a "test & tune" on it so I won't get it till next weekend, which means another trip South. Oh well........ Madeline was with me and when the shop owner asked her if she knows how to sew, she patiently explained, "Well, not exactly. You see, I'm only 4 years old" Really? Because she speaks like she's 40!!!! We went to Starbucks where ordering a cup of coffee is an exercise in adjectives, and Lil Miss can order her own "grande milk froth with an ad shot of vanilla", followed by her mothers huge 24 word order that I won't even try to repeat. Finally I asked for a plain, medium, mild, no-frills, straight cup of regular black coffee. After a long pause, the girl said "huh?" Geeeeesh..... and that's why I'm not a big Starbucks fan.
My least fun of the weekend was a horrible fingernail accident - while trying to buckle Madeline's carseat into my truck, something slipped, jammed my hand and bent my nail all the way back, and tore it off just slightly north of the end of the nailbed. Tore. It. Off. Remember I told you I'm clumsy? So tonight I'm nursing a throbbing finger and need to go cuddle up to an ice pack. It will be better by Saturday, right?
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Rosy said...

Oh the joy that those DGKids bring!
Gma's need that "quickfix" every so often! Now that you will have 2 super machines does that mean twice as much fun?!!! Sorry about your "owie". Play it for all its worth!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yikes! That fingernail report makes MY finger hurt. I hope you're better soon. Your grands are gorgeous. My first grand-baby is due in August. Happy days!!

Darlene said...

Adorable was the first word I thought of. I love being a Nana to Seth and Eli - it's the best thing that has happened to me. :-)

Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie! I whine about a papercut so can you imagine the whining I'd be doing if I had an ouchie like yours! LOL

Lisa Boyer said...

Aw garsh, what a little sweetie! Both of wait, all THREE of them! I have to count your new Janome! Congrats on the latest addition!