Saturday, March 15, 2008

Must be Springtime

If there are teenaged boys in my yard, it has to be spring! DGS's # 1 and 2 are earning money for a church trip to Mexico in a couple of months, and they're very anxious to do anything that pays. For the next few weeks my yard will look great!

That's 16 yr old Zach on the left and 14 y/o Colton on the right. Those 2 worked most of the day and did all the weeding and cutting and raking there was to do - it looks fantastic!
I've been awfully quiet lately because I'm so exhausted I can hardly move. Work continues to spiral out of control, and now the State has thrown us a curve ball and we're having to deal with that on top of everything else. The mental and physical toll is very wearing. Usually I can pull out of these slumps pretty quickly, but not this time - I'm a whipped pup. I've also been sick - a doozy of a cold which of course takes advantage of tiredness....... I'll be SO thankful when this is all over! In honor of National Quilting day today, I laid around and read quilting magazines, does that count? Last weekend I did manage to get my Spring Swap quilt finished but no pic yet - my camera batteries were dead when I went to take it tonight. Tomorrow, I promise!
DH has been a busy boy in his shop, so I thought I'd share his latest project with you - it's a 1936 Lion Front slot machine, originally made by Mills out of Chicago. Hunny finds old wrecked hulks and restores them to this glory:

Gorgeous, huh? He restores every part of them, from the mechanism to the paint and oak cabinets. When they're done they're a work of art.
Now if only I could get a project finished......I have to shake this off and DO something! I have a huge new pile of Civil War FQ repos I want to play with, and that ghastly comission quilt to get out of my hair. Maybe I'll just plow in and get that thing over with..........Yea, that's what I'll do. Clean up tonight and start cutting tomorrow. Check back and keep me honest!
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Kim said...

Yes, reading quilting magazines ALWAYS counts! They're often the first step toward inspiration. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling to great either--as well as the whole work thing. Hey, at least you don't have to work in the yard! LOL!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Please feel better soon!

Lisa Boyer said...

Wow. That's a rare sight. Teenaged boys working. Who knew?? Send them over when they're done, eh?? Hope you feel better soon...

Rosy said...

Yardmen! Wow,funny how "munny" talks and motivates!!! I loove the "slot machine" redo.