Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Commish

The Commish. That's my new working name for "Where the Weird Things Are" because since I convinced him to rein it back in a bit, I'm not hating it so much. It sure is pink ----

In fact, it's ok. If SOMEONE were to give me a quilt with all my family on it, I might even love it. You can barely see musical notes (instead of the Beatles) in the lower left, and a bouquet of flowers in the upper right. (instead of Hello Kitty) The other corners will have a speedboat and palm trees, respectively, instead of Jeeps. Gram and Gramps are the top trio of pics, from the 1940's and their 50th anniversary. Daughter and son on the sides as babies and now, and on the bottom is Commish guy and his honey, as babies and currently. The center square will say Happy Birthday 2008 in pink, what else? I didn't use that printable fabric because it felt so nasty and it's really expensive! These are done on t-shirt iron-ons, and I'm really really pleased with the way that worked. The pictures came out so much better too! And it's washable, etc..... It really is kind of a cool concept I have to say -- but executed the way he originally wanted it would have been a crime.
You know how when you've eaten too much candy you have to have some bread or meat or something, to cut all the sweet? So all that pink candy made me want some meat --- Bonnie just finished this one and it's one I've wanted to do for quite awhile, with a twist. I've always envisioned it with a more defined 9 patch in the center, so that's the way I'm going with it. Somehow, I doubt I can do mine as fast as Bonnie did!!

Awhile back I told you about the antique china cabinet I scored at the auction. It's from the turn of the 19th century, and still has the original glass! It has a gentle double bow in front, and curved glass on the sides. It's great old glass -- has that slight wavy look to it. I'm going to fill it with quilts and my teacup collection as soon as I cover those wood shelves to protect the quilts.
I'm so tickled with it -- the shelves are even reversable! One side has plate rails and the other side has kind of a carved edge.
So - what do you know about tulips?

What the heck?????? They're miniatures, to say the least! I bought the tallest ones I could find, they're planted in enriched soil and they all got a bit of bonemeal at planting time. I'd be mad if it wasn't so ridiculous -- a whole bed of teeny tiny tulips to tip toe thru!
This post is number 199 -- you know what that means? YEA - next one is #200!!
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Rosy said...

I like the way the "Commish" is coming along. You do have great design perception! If you decide that the fabulous "china cab" is not working out, I have a spot for it! Well, about the "2lips!" Mini's are cute! (Perhaps the gofers nibbled on them!)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love that china cabinet and those tulips are adorable!!!!!

Bren said...

I am SO jealous!!!! I LOVE the cabinet. I can't wait to see your quilts and tea cup in it.
The pink is not bad at all, but I can see why you needed a meat fix! Sometimes pink is just too sweet unless it is "cut" with another color. Pink lovers really can not get too much pink.

blackbearcabin said...

i LOVE your China Cabinet!!! Its gorgeous! Quilts and teacups...perfect! As for your tulips, at least theyre pretty :)

Quilting Journey said...

The Commish IS turning out very nicely and a MUCH better working title as no one would want to call anyone in those photos 'where the weird...' Not a plan! I love the cabinet AND your munchkin tulips. Now, as some one who needs a ladder to watch a parade, I can relate to these flowers! Only you, dear Su, can turn the unusual into the very pretty...good job!

Elaine Adair said...

The cabinet is just wonderful - jealousy, thy name is ME! Wish I had one. 8-)

Perry said...

I just love the way your Commish is working out. You have one a great job on it! I sure like that china cabinet. It is a wonderful piece, and will look great filled with quilts.

Pen Drive said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The quilt is WONDERFUL, coming along great!! The teeny-tiny tulips are the best, I've never seen any of those before.

Anonymous said...