Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad Karma

What kinds of things give you bad karma? Well, that's an interesting thought. There's -
Being mean to animals.
Stealing anything.
Telling fables.
Throwing away baby clothes or furniture (!)
Ooops - yea, that could do it.
I had to cut short my thrilling day at work yesterday to take Cuervo to the vet; he was so sick over the weekend that DH started preparing me to lose yet another old friend. Thankfully, the problem turned out to be 2 badly abcessed teeth which the vet said was not uncommon for an 84 year old cat. (84? Seriously??) On the way home I relaxed, took the back roads and did a little mind wandering. Now, back roads in our neck 'o the woods are really back roads. Little traffic, few houses, not much going on. At one point I turned left from a little road onto an even littler road, and at the apex of my turn ran right into a highway patrol car that was whipping out of a really tiny dirt driveway. (What's he doing there?) We both slammed on the brakes so hard we thought we had collided. We both got out, and if we did bump it was indetectable, but it was that close. No damage except to my last raggedy nerve. He knew it was totally his fault, I had the right of way and he was in my lane and he was chagrined. I called no foul but he's obligated to report it just in case I decide later that I'm permanently injured. Besides, they have to account for every minute of their day, and he spent 10 or so talking to me. Probably to make sure I didn't keel over from a heart attack although I have to think his pulse was a tad elevated also!
Maybe that was all part of a bigger plan to prepare me for today - I'm off to the hospital then to the clinic and face the inspection by the state examiner - aka Dragon Lady. If she objects to the WAY we sign off on something, she can ding us for it. "You need to write out your whole name, not just first initial and last name" stuff like that. Here goes nuthin'!


Leslie said...

Did you know him? Was he cute? Was there anything that could possibly redeem that moment??
God only tests those He loves and He sure is LOVIN' ON YOU these days!

Michael5000 said...

My cat had tooth abcesses when she was around 84, too. Now it's 4 1/2 years later, and she's 100.

Glad you were fast on the brakes!

Lisa Boyer said...

Yikes! I'm happy to hear he didn't try to blame it on you--that was nice, even if his driving wasn't. Glad you're okay!!

Colene said...

Oh my! Good luck with the state evilness. They really can be awful people at times.
M. Signature LOL

Rosy said...

Cats and Cops! Whata day! I bet the HP guy got a few new gray hairs that day! Whew,close call! Even the 'backroads' aren't safe anymore!

Kim said...

What a scare! But I think your karma's intact since you didn't actually collide. And who knows? Maybe it will earn you a "get-out-of-jail-free" card in case you ever run into him again! LOL!

Anonymous said...
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julieQ said...

Poor dear lady! I would have probably had an MI on the spot! I am glad he fessed up and did the right thing...

Bren said...

OMG! Subee!!! I am giggling, though feeling a bit of compassion at the same time.
I LOVE your Spring quilt for the swap...I have not even started mine!!!