Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Comfy? This is a long one -----
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Blessed Easter - I know we are. We were out early this morning to breakfast at church, then a lovely service, then home to slippers and jeans, whoo-hoo! Later today we'll venture all the way across the street where our neighbors put on a HUGE egg hunt complete with giant bunny mascot. Six of our grands will be there and untold dozens of other kids, and it's always so much fun!
I have a favorite Easter gospel song that gives me shivers and makes me cry everytime I hear it. It's called "He's Alive" by Dolly Parton, please check it out. Huge powerful song.
Last time I wrote, Cuervo had been to the vet with a couple of bad teeth. Well, it got worse, way worse. The vet called me early Tuesday morning with very bad news from the blood tests; kidney failure, my worst fear for human or animal. He suggested a short term treatment in case this was an acute process, meaning not permanent. I was to inject 100cc of fluid under the skin 4 times a day, get him on Pepcid and keep him quiet. Well, obviously none of that was going to happen while I was in the midst of moving the clinic, so I had to leave him at the vets till Friday afternoon. He was MUCH better by then, but he's still getting extra fluid.

He's so much better that he's even started to bite me again, in play. He's very good about holding still for his needles and doesn't cuss too much. He's NOT too good about eating, tho - we need to work on that. He's down 3/4 of a pound in a week - very bad. Over all he's SO much better, and I am so thankful. Yesterday I spent most of the day sewing. (After sleeping in till 8 am!! DH thought I wasn't breathing - scared the bejabbers out of him, he really thought I wasn't going to wake up. Yikes!) I worked on the "Where the Weird Things Are" quilt, then had to take a break from all that pink weirdness and made this -

It's clickable for a better look - Cool, huh? I love love love orange, and there's not too many cool ways to use a lot of orange. (Orange cat?) This was in a new mag I got 2 weeks ago and just now had time to look thru -
There's a LOT of fun projects in this one! Usually a magazine has maybe one project I think about; this one has about 6 - check it out!
I have some strange tulip pictures coming up also - I'll post those later. What do you know about growing tulips? Meantime, I better get busy - I want to sew today, and go to the egg hunt party, AND get the house picked up for the house cleaners tomorrow, AND get my laundry done, AND paint my nails. What are my odds?


Lisa Boyer said...

Awwww...I hope Cuervo feels better soon. Cute carrot!

Pam said...

I sure hope that Cuervo gets better soon and it is just an acute episode not chronic!!

The carrot is very cute :))) Are you going to use it as a table topper?

Oh - I need to get that magazine - I don't think I've seen it here in Canada yet. Love the dog pillow, what a great idea. Cute little table topper on the front as well.

Happy Easter.

Pam said...

Just back from a road trip to see DGD#3 (grand #6) and am waaaay behind on reading.

Sure hope Cuervo starts eating and that his blood work comes back better!

I saw those veggie placemats kitted up in a shop a few months back..cute cute cute...tomato, corn, carrot, green pepper. They also had a set of fruit (banana, apple, orange, lemon) too cute!


Rosy said...

Poor Kitty! Good thing he has you for his nurse! I love the "gaudy" carrot! I bet you went to the egg hunt in your slippers! Your "todo" list is too long for a Easter Sunday!

anne from finland said...

I hope your cat gets better soon! The song is very touching, I listened it. The carrot is cute! Just something for the Easter Bunny!:-)

Leslie said...

Never too many oranges in one place for you, that pattern was made for you! But what will you use it for? A catnap mat for recovering kitty? *grin* I doubt you'll let him near it.
Glad he's home and with his momma.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh your poor kitty. I hope he feels better soon. He looks sooo sad there.

Quilting Pirate said...

oh Sue, your kitty is in my thoughts.

Chookyblue...... said...

can you tell me where I can get that mag/book.........can we trade