Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 Weeks???

Really? BAD, BAD blogger - gee, what a slacker! Actually, it's been a hairy 3 weeks, and like Mama always said - "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all" So I haven't.
Fortunately the cranky has lifted and I'm human again.
I took on an outdoor project last weekend that seemed like an quick easy fun day. It was not.

Love me some adirondack chairs, huh? Sooo comfortable, and big arms to set drinks and pincushions on - they're great. But mine, as you can see, are looking a bit tatty and aged. So in the best tradition of adirondacks I decided to paint them with high gloss enamel in a nice bright color. Like Tijuana Taxi yellow! LOL! Great idea, huh? Don't be fooled, not for a minute. My former standard for comparison for rotten jobs was to say, "I'd rather change the sheets on built-in bunk beds" But now if it's a crummy job and I don't want to do it, I'll say "I'd rather put 6 coats of paint on an adirondack chair" AArrrgghhhh!!!! What a PITA!!!! One coat of primer and 5, count 'em, FIVE coats of paint 'cos that yellow high gloss paint doesn't cover worth a damn! And do you have any idea how many odd angles and nooks and crannies these babies have? I'll tell you --- 8,426.
Good thing it came out looking good because that's the only thing that will get the other one painted. That and the new paint sprayer that I intend to buy before tackling the second one.
In more fun news, WAAAY more fun, check out this picture of my 10 month old grandson Jayden flying high:

How cute is that? I got several great pictures of him in mid-air squealing like crazy - what a blast. Having these guys around makes everything OK, no matter how awful things get. I officially gave my notice at work so now I'm a short timer. My last day there will be May 23rd which is 31 days away. Then I am a free woman till July 1st!!! Can you believe it? Five weeks of not working - wow! All I have to do is survive those last 31 days, and it's going to be rough. Oh well -- I can do it. After that, I won't have any obligations at all because (get this!) I got fired from my position of Membership Chair at guild! LOL!! Too funny - because of my job! Our Prez thinks it would be better served by someone who doesn't have job responsibilities that could interfere with guild duties. Besides, someone else wanted it. Oh well. Worser things have happened and the world still wags and now I don't have to be at guild early to set up and don't have to juggle all those membership forms and stuff. I'm really going to be a freebird!! In the meantime, the Commish is on the quilting table. From this picture what you don't see is the HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2008 in the center square, but otherwise I'm calling this one DONE and you won't see any more of it. And neither will I. I expect it to be in the arms of it's new owner by Weds and good riddance.
As soon as that's gone I can get busy on fun stuff! I have so many huge plans for what I want to do while I'm off work that I really need about 5 months to do it all. Quilt quilt quilt till I drop, for starters! And work out in the yard, and lounge around reading, and lay in bed while DH gets ready for work, whining "Can you turn off that light? I'm trying to sleep in!" ROFL!! I want to clean out all the cuboards and closets and have a yard sale. I want to paint the entire back deck, all 2 acres of it. (no, not Tijuana Taxi yellow!) My former SIL gave me a pool, one of those soft sided things that's 15 feet across and 5 feet deep so I intend to spend an inordinate amount of time submerged. And I plan to go have lunch with friends!!! I've not been able to do that because my lunch "hours" are actually 30 minutes, and that's not enough time to actually leave the building. Now I can! Also, my two granddaughters are already scheming to come spend a few days here so we can make cupcakes and eat them for breakfast. (?!?) I want to make a pond or some kind or water feature near the French doors in our bedroom so we can listen to it at night. I just saw on TV a pond pump that runs on solar power and heaven knows we have a lot of solar in these parts. ***sigh*** This is the Life!
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Rosy said...

Missed ya! Nice to hear about whats going on w/ya! You have so much energy! Love the T.T.Yellow chairs. Gson is really growing "up"! You do need to rest for a minute or two then get some "LLQG/FLQS quilts" ready to hang by October 1st!!!

Carol said...

It's great to have you back...glad your time at work is getting short and then a nice break...YIPPEE! You'll love it! And what could be better than being fired from a guild job all at the same time...LOL! The Commish looks did a great job! Love the is just so happy!

Leslie said...

So what color will the second chair be? How 'bout that raspberry pink same as you used in the commish?? *smothered giggles*

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love that yellow chair!!!! It just says SUMMER!!!! And that baby is adorable!!!

Mar said...

wow can you say excited? so wonderful that you will be getting a vacation! You did a great job on the commish, I don't know that I could do it. The chair is awesome!

Bren said...

That is alot of paint!! I so enjoyed my visit here! Like catching up with an old friend. 3 weeks should not pass now with all that free time you will have!

Kim said...

Congrats on finally giving notice and having the end in sight--both of work (for a little while) and the quilt you don't like! Glad you're back--I thought maybe you had given notice and they killed you! ROFLOL!