Thursday, November 15, 2007


After a dreadful day at work I come dragging my sorry behind home, feeling sorry for myself, and find a wonderful prezzie in my mailbox!! Mar, over at Pincushion Diaries, was my chocolate swap buddy and today there was a wonderful package waiting for me. That will always put you in a good mood, and when I opened it, look what I found!!

What a cool, cool purse! I love those colors, they fit perfectly in my family room - gorgeous! Oh, guess what else? Look what was in the purse!Oh yea, Babe - it's CHOCOLATE!!!! (((happy dance))) Talk about therapy --- I've been soooo good about passing on candy and sticking to a healthy eating plan, and today with my lip dragging in the dirt I came home to this and, well, let's just say there's no reason to feel deprived, now is there? Thank you, Mar!!!

Some strange, vicious virus has overtaken me, causing a side effect suspiciously like spring houscleaning. First the stash, then yesterday I rearranged the family room. One of the things I did was to finally hang an antique rifle that Hunny purchased from a historic saloon in Reno last year. It was pretty thrashed, and he restored it beautifully. The plan was always to hang it in the family room which is somewhat Western/cowboy themed but we never did. Till yesterday. I found a neat place for it and got it all mounted on the wall. Late last night, all was still and quiet and I was kind of drowsing in front of the TV when suddenly there was a mighty CRASH and that heavy rifle pulled out of the wall and landed on a credenza, knocking a display of antique horse tack down with it. Scared the snot out of me, I tell you!! Today the virus struck again after I got home and had that lovely attitude adjustment. After a virtuous dinner of vegetables and chicken (and chocolate) I stripped the china cabinet, washed everything and put it back together. I know - it's a strange thing, this disease! Now, I'm not going to tell you how long it's been since I cleaned this thing, but take a look at a whiskey bottle from way in the back:

And now look a bit closer at the tax stamp on the cap, still sealed:

LOL! OK, so it hasn't been that long. I was only 12 in 1967 so this wasn't likely to have been my bottle. It pretty well illustrates however, that cleaning out the china cabinet doesn't happen too often.

Now, after all that lovely chocolate and whiskey, I'm a bit ((yaaawwwnnn)) sleepy. I wonder what the next side effect will be?


Marilyn R said...

Wow, wish I could catch that virus! I might get some things done around here that have been neglected for far too long!

Bren said...

I have had that virus for several months. I do not think there is a cure, or else I am just terminal! Your new bag is gorgeous! I too love the colors. And the chocolate...well that goes without saying. MMMMMMMMMMMM

Rosy said...

I had that "virus" for about 11 minutes one time not long ago! LOL
The purse plus deserve it!!!

Leslie said...

*sound track to post*
"I shot the sheriff" by Eric Clapton. LOL!

mar said...

Oh good, you got it! Whew, hope the chocolate is good! Glad you like the bag.

sharon said...

OMG I love that bag with all your chocolate in it. Love the wrapping and the big bow on the candy. I'm loving this swap aren't you? Of course you are!!! You lucky girl you. So let's see what was inside that box O candy!!! And hey now, what about some of that whiskey WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO

Suze said...

I sure could use a week of having that virus.

You are making real progress.