Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Toy!

There's a big, honkin' quilting frame in my family room!
My friend Judy was cleaning house today, and decided she didn't need this old thing laying around any more. So she called me and asked, Are you interested? OH HECK YEA! So she piled it into her truck and came over and we (Laverne and Shirley!) put it together. Much giggling, a bit of cussin, and some grunting and we got it all done. Judy had to run back to her chores, as did I, so nothing else has happened yet. I need to get my machine set in and figure out how to load a quilt, then quit my job so I can play. LOL! Whoo-hoo! In the meantime, progress is happening on the Paintbox - only 3 more block to make and I need to cut some more pieces for those. I took advantage of that old saying about creative license, and changed the plan a bit:
I still like the green background a lot, but wasn't going to have enough for the whole thing, (sound familiar?) so the center blocks have a white background. I'm at the point of figuring out the borders - YAAA!!! Might this be the near-mythical "finished project"? Could it be? I'm thinking about the quilting design, that's a good sign. And looking at pieces of fabric for a backing, and THAT'S a good sign. Boy - I'm thinkin' this could really be on the bed before too long! And suddenly there's 20 different shades of blue fabric sitting on my cutting table. HUH? Where'd that come from? Honestly Officer, I wasn't even here and I don't know how all that stuff jumped out of the closet and onto the table!
Well, it could be that it jumped out in an attempt to escape. This is scary. To keep me honest I'm showing the worst, messiest part of my stash so I'll maybe feel guilty enough to clean it out. Those shelves go 18 inches left and right beyond the opening, and the whole thing is stuffed and I can't find anything. (see? I couldn't possibly have pulled out all that blue fabric!) So it's time - I have to clean. ***sigh***
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Elaine Adair said...

Now, do you expect us to believe THAT story - about how your friend just happened to GIVE it to you? And your DH believes it too? Well, I guess that's your story and you're sticking to it. LOL (wish it was me ...) Good luck with this fortuitous gift. Looks like fun to me!

I'm watching how this current project Paintbox - is coming along. I've wanted to make this for some time. Your is so pretty, bright, and cheerful.

dot said...

What a great gift. How could anyone turn this down. Enjoy.

Rosy said...

Ooooh, gee, I'm so excited for you!
I know this is a dream come true for you! the family room going trade places w/the sewing room!??? Just in time for finishing that firecracker "Paint Box"! Could this be what kept you so busy Saturday!!!!???? Fess up!

Bren said...

If your posts were not so enjoyable I would just skip you til after Christmas...That countdown header still scares me.
Your paintbox looks great with the white backgounds in the middle. It gives it depth. Your fabric stash has a life of it's own!! You crack me up!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Wow--a quilt frame. We love our Handi Quilter here at the shop. And what a beautiful quilt! Love all the colors.

Quilting Journey said...

Whoa, Baby! And all I've got is the secret recipe for Oprah's 'fresh' green drink from her show today. Oh well, at least it matches my eyes..cuz I'M JEALOUS ;)

Linda said...

Oh you lucky duck, can she be my friend too???? Love your paintbox quilt top, and the messy storage, well ummm we all have one of those spaces.

michael5000 said...

Hey, I like the Paintbox with the bright whites centered like that. It makes the center kind of luminous -- gives the whole thing some snap, but let's it keep the random scrappy look as well. I might have to steal that general idea. : )