Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Progress Report

I'm doin' it! I'm really doing it!! And it's fun - and a PITA!! LOl - Boy is my back sore. So far just the cooler colors, blues/greens/purples and some character prints and a few backing pieces. Amazing what a bit of neat folding will do - it takes up SO much less space, and looks all yummy and tantalizing. I'm enjoying discovering long forgotten pieces, and digging some up that need to be quickly re-buried. Most seem to be 2 yard cuts - yea for me - and anything over 4 goes into the "backing" pile. Those piles are so cool!
I brought in a folding table cos I know I'm going to need more room - here's neat piles so far:
(yes, that table is jacked up to about 40 inches - I'm tall)

And the closet has a hole like a six year olds smile.
The problem with the closets in this house are that the STUPID builder (I have issues) built 9 foot wide closets but 6 ft wide doors. Ah ha - I can see that you understand. So the stuff way back behind the walls is nearly inaccessible and there's a TON of stuff back in there! What a waste of space - ((steam coming out my ears))
We all talk to our fabrics, right? No really, you can admit it here, I won't tell. Doncha hate it when the fabric talks back? Real sassy like?
me - "Hmmmm.....are you a blue or a teal?"
fabric - "That's for me to know and you to find out"

"Ooo, you're pretty - so what could I do with you?"
" Do whatever you want - I'm sure it doesn't matter to me"

"Gee, you don't quite fit into a category, what am I going to call you?"
"What are you, the FBI?"

"Lets see, not quite a yard and more than a fat quarter; scrap box or pile?"
"NO no no no! Please not the scrap box! I'll be good, I promise!!"

Heh heh - the power .... isn't it great?
Finally, for your drooling enjoyment, I can now show you my fun project from last week - I was part of Red Geranium Cottages chocolate swap, and my swap partner has received her box of fantastically nummy yummies. The rules were that the box had to be decorated and I'm not too good at that. I got the idea to wrap it in a FQ, then add folded fabric flowers. HOW FUN IS THIS??? I had a ball making these, and they're so easy! I predict more flowers in the future, but what to do with them? Too fun.
Phooey - fun's over now I have to get to work. **sigh**
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Linda said...

Great progress, as I'm also tall do tell how you "jacked" up the height of your table, please. Love your covered box, and those flowers are adorable.

Kim West said...

I love your covered box too -- that is a good idea for a Christmas exchange my guild is having. Good job on the closet.

paula, the quilter said...

I have that same shelving in my sewing room closet. But it stops 2/3 of the way across. Anything I put on the end falls off. I need to get something sturdy to put over the end of the shelves to keep my fabric piles from falling off. It's really is a chore but it is soooo much nicer when done.

Darlene said...

Wow, the covered box for your Chocolate Swap partner is adorable. What a terrific idea. Way to go!

Perry said...

Your stash is getting a makeover, and just think how much more fabric you can now buy because you have room. I absolutely love your covered box. The flowers are really pretty. WIsh you would post a tutorial on how you did that.

Suze said...

I am sure I will be sorry for asking but I must....What is a PITA?

Pam said...

It will be great once the fabric is all folded and "found". Loved the conversations you are having with your fabric - LOL. My fabric quite often talks to me in the store!!

Finn said...

What fun!!! Wish I could come and play in your fabrics *VBS*
I totally get that un-accessable space! maybe batting??
The piles of fabric look fantastic..so neat and happy...all the more power to YOU!
And what a fun frame you friend bestowed upon you...looks HUGE!
You inspire me to sort fabric! Hugs, Finn

Wendy said...

Isn't it nice to have all your fabric neatly folded??? That never happens to me...teehee. I like that your fabric talks to you...LOL

Great idea for the Chocolate Swap, I'm still working on mine.

Bren said...

WOW..you have made some definite progress! I love your posts. I am always laughing by the end!
Your folded flowers look like the Magnolias in the fabric...very clever and beautifully done!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You're on your way to organizational bliss. Sometimes when my room's too neat I don't want to mess it up and that puts off sewing for a while. Such a conundrum! Looking good, Su!

mar said...

I loved my box! of course it's empty now, LOL! you did an awesome job on the flowers, they are adorable! Organizing your stash is like visiting old friends. Can you put batting in the closet corners?