Friday, November 23, 2007

Always Different

I hope everyone had as wonderful, fun Thanksgiving as we did! My DD and DGD came Weds. night so I got to wake up with a little one - all warm and rumply and cuddly. Then tripping all over her words to tell me everything that's happened in her world since we last saw each other, how fun! Later on while watching cartoons, Cuervo hopped up to one of his lookouts on the back of the couch, so Madeline climbed up to see what there was to see --

Too cute! I so glad I had my camera; usually these shots get away. Later more kids and grands came and went, and the groaning table was loaded and unloaded, and then came the highlight of the day! My DS went for a walk and came back in, casually asking me why there's a horse tied to the back of our truck. HUH? "Yea, a horse, you know; hayburners? Tied up to your truck" So we all trooped out.

Lo and behold, a miniture horse was in fact tied to the back of our truck. What the...?????? Seems Dan while on his walk, found this little guy wandering loose and brought him back since we have facilities and horse chow. How cute????? This is Jayden sitting on the horse, my DD Cory holding him, and DGD Megan. DS had an unfortunate photo accident and lost his head........
Speaking of photos, DD found this government issue portrait of herself taken just before she left for Bosnia what, 14 years ago? Am I proud of this or what?

She needs a tattoo that says "Do NOT mess with me"

Here's the funny thing about Cory and the Air Force. When she was born Vietnam was still underway, and I was at that time, very anti-military. (I plead the ignorance of the very young) Since 'Cory' is an androgenous first name, I gave her the middle name of Elizabeth specifically so the draft board would know she was a girl and not draft her.
What-ever!!! I keep telling my kids this story as an object lesson in "DO NOT try to plan your kids opinions!!!"
Now off to the shed and dig out the Christmas decs!!!


Bren said...

Cory is a BEAUTY QUEEN!! You must be proud still as she has not changed much in her looks, and it seems her insides are as pretty as her outside.
Great pics of the grandkids AND the pony.

You have not heard that old saying "What you fear most..."

julieQ said...

Love the pony picture!! We had a very similar little one when I was a child. My favorite memories involve that pony!! Thanks for sharing your pics.


Kim said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. What a cute mini horse! Has anyone claimed him yet?

Quilting Journey said...

Too cute for words...every one, every picture. We found a goat once and she spent a whole day with us. We just loved it. Also, found an apricot poodle, had him for a whole week, 2 golden labs came, they stayed two weeks, then a million stray cats...some ended up living here.Then, one day I woke up to a great big old horse on my back deck. He stayed a week too, before someone finally came looking. All were fun, but I'm glad they went home...we didn't have horse or goat food, but we did get the lawn shortened during their visits. Did I mention we always had 15 pets of our own while the kids were growing up? Oh, I am so glad the snakes, rats, iquanas, tarantulas, turtles, mice, canaries, guinea pigs, gecko and lizard days are over. Keeping them where they belonged and fed ontop of kids, cats and dogs was a chore! However, that is one cute little horse ;)

Marcie said...

That is a great picture of the kid and the cat looking out the window! Good shot! I bet your little ones were crazy over that pony! I would be. Too funny about Cory Elizabeth! Good for her!

Rosy said...

Today is a "slow" day and I can now play "catchUP" !What better visit on Tday than a pony the same size as a turkey!! So cute. Kid and Cat photo...priceless! Cory is a special gal, takes after her MOM!

sharon said...

What a beautiful daughter you have and you must be very proud of her for serving our country. Tell her thanks!!!!
Your grandkids are too cute. I love the photo on the back of the couch looking out the window.

Quilting Mama said...

What wonderful pictures. It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving, I'm so glad!