Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Outa Here!

Hunny and I need to get away - badly. Tomorrow morning we point the truck North and see where we end up. Presumably someplace in Oregon, because there just isn't very much left of California north of us -- lol! I have a list of quilt stores and Hunny has a list of antique stores, and we've packed a cooler and snacky things, and we're just going to wander. Adventuring, we call it. We'll come home Sunday.

My little donkey Paco is bereft without his friend Dolly. Tuesday when I came home, he was standing on the spot where she died. He doesn't want to play, or shove me around, or try to bite me - he just wants to bury his head against my tummy and stand there. Last night I heard something strange outside, and when I flipped on the floodlights, there stood Paco on the deck outside our bedroom door! Scared the snot out of me, briefly; then I had to laugh because I'm the one who didn't chain the gate closed. Dolly must have taught him how to open the gate, the chains were for her! He's going to have a stream of visitors while we're gone so he won't get lonely..... :-(
Hunny and I have been telling each other Dolly stories all week and being sad. I hope getting away will give us something else to talk about and lighten us up a bit! It's amazing what a hole that horse has left. That crazy, silly, mare, who loved to curl her lip up and lived to buck DH off onto his butt. LOL - there's some great stories about that old girl! Like the time she pulled her saddle off of a tree branch and dropped it into a creek! I thought I'd laugh myself sick over that one. We used hobbles on them when we were up in the mountains, kind of handcuffs for horses, so they couldn't run off. They can move, but very slowly. Well, Miss Dolly could hobble as fast as I can walk, especially if someone had a peanut butter sandwich. It was hysterical to watch! Ahhh -- good times.
More to come - see you on the flip-flop!


Kim said...

Have a wonderful trip! Have you been to the town of Oakland in Oregon? Really cute and antiquey (is that a word?!) Tell us all about it when you return!

Bren said...

Poor Paco. I am glad you can tell stories of Dolly and smile. She was beautiful.
Have a wonderful adventure..hurry back to tell us about it.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yes, you really need a getaway. Time will heal all things, and the happy memories will last a lifetime. I am deeply sorry for your loss, I know the hurt associated with losing a pet, it takes your breath away. Hang in there, your grandbabies are positively precious!

Rosy said...

Hope you find the great quilt shops,McMinnville,Yamhill,Gold Beach,hey, perhaps you'll make it to 122nd St in Portland to FABRIC DEPOT!!!! Travel is a great soother!