Saturday, September 29, 2007

Almost done counts, right?

Considering that on wednesday I had four completed blocks and a stack of pieces, I'm OK with having an unquilted top by Saturday morning. I would have quilted it today, but I played outside for awhile. Took Paco for a walk, like the giant dog he thinks he is. And he loved it. I also shampooed the carpets in the family room and living room. Gee - it was a pretty full day!
"Cocoa Cuddles" - how's that for a chocolate yen? LOL -- the problem I thought I had with the 4 blocks shown previously was that they were not symetrical. Now I see that they weren't supposed to be. It was going to be bigger, but it was such a booger to piece that I stopped at 60". Now you have to see another vacation pic - this time it's me in the tub!
I got such a kick out of this -- it's HUGE!! I looks like a tub for Shaquille! I'm almost 6 ft and I felt like Edith Ann in her giant rocking chair. Great fun. Now I want one for my, ummm, living room? LOL!! Can I have real ducks, too?
Some friends called today to invite us to a show, they had extra tickets. I have to set this up by explaining that Hunny is quite a bit older than I, and didn't listen to ANY music after the Big Bopper died. Really, no joke. Anything recorded after that day is all garbage, and the only reason bands are so loud is to make up for lack of musical talent. Bring on Riders of the Purple Sage and he's a happy camper. So, Hunny talked to them (I was out with Paco) and this is how he told me:
"Jim and Lynn want to know if we want to go to a concert with them tonight, some woman singer"
"What kind of music?"
"Has to be rock'n'roll, that's all they go to. But if it's some woman it can't be that bad. Not like that crappy group we saw last year" {that would be ZZ Top, 2 years ago}
"Sure, why not?"
So I called Lynn.
"Hey Lynn - who's playing?"
I think I hurt myself laughing. Oh dear - can you just see that??? Hunny is SO conservative, and SO narrowminded in his musical tastes that Alice Cooper would have caused him to stroke out.
But Jim and Lynn and I would have a heck of a good time laughing at him!!!

By the way, it's official now.

It's the start of quilt season!
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Rosy said...

I do love these quilt colors! You did have "too much fun" on your "getaway"!!! Neat photos! The little "pumpkin" in the wheelbarrow is so cute!!!

Quilting Pirate said...

what a tub!!

and such an adorable autumn picture!!

Bren said...

That is hysterical!! Alice Cooper. You should have just taken him. He probably would not have noticed it was a man!
The tub is wonderful...they don't make nice big tubs anymore!
Your Cocoa quilt is gorgeous. The eye really moves around on that one!

dot said...

I like your quilt. I love the story about the concert. I certainly would have went but then again I grew up on ALice Cooper. Thanks for the good laugh.

Julia said...

Your hunny sounds just like mine. Of course, I wouldn't have much enjoyed Alice either. LOL

Sharon said...

That tub is hysterical. Or should I say you are?? LOL!!! Be careful, you could drown in there. Love the photos of the pumpkins and that cute little girl. ALICE COOPER did you say?? Is he still alive??? LOL!!!