Sunday, September 30, 2007


Gee Whillikers, Michele over at Heart and Hands has passed me the nicest compliment!
It's a GOOD THING to make people smile; everyone should do it every day. Multiple times! There comes a stipulation tho, (isn't there always?) that we do a meme using the letters of our name to describe ourselves. HEH!! Two letters (Su) don't come close to what I'm about, so I'm using the Bee part, too.
S- simple
U- understanding
B- Bi-pedal
E- ephemeral
E- eloquent

Too bad I don't have more of a name....
Now I need to name 5 others who make me smile:
Ms. Jan
Arrrgh matey, it be the Pirate!
New Kid on the block, Michael
And of course, Bren

Dang - 5 isn't very many! I have a lot more on my blogroll that I can't miss! Consider yourself tagged, and go forth and multiply - LOL!


Poor Paco is so bored and lonely without his bud that he's getting into trouble. I told you I found him on the deck outside my bedroom, right? Well, this morning he was on the kitchen deck. And the gate was still chained, but he lifted the whole thing off it's hinges!! And once he figured out he could do that, the battle was on. He liberated himself 4 times before I finally set a sprinkler to keep him away from the gate. (Donkeys hate to be wet) I tried setting a ladder across the gate thinking he couldn't get close enough, but he got his head stuck in it and we had a moments panic before he shook it off. Picture a donkey with his face stuck in a 6 ft ladder - it was hysterical after the fact, scary during. Hunny finally came home and fixed the hinges so the gate can't be lifted up anymore so I wonder what tricks are coming next?
This is Paco on my yard's side of the gate, I am in his yard - doesn't he look innocent? There he is being all friendly, chatting with chickens like he comes to tea every day. He's really a love - he'd come in and sit on the couch if I'd let him, or take a nap on my bed!
Cuervo summed up a lazy Sunday:

Do cats have it right or what? If you look closely you'll see little rainbow reflections on the carpet and wall. Those are from a large crystal hanging in the window behind him. When I want to make him crazy I'll spin it a bit, and he tries so hard to catch the little things! DD calls it cat torture, but he falls for it every time, so he must like that game. I hope.
The Cocoa Cuddle is about 3/4 quilted. I stared at that for 2 days and not a single quilting idea came to mind! Usually the pattern will kind of tell you how to quilt it, but this one just whispered, "wouldn't you like to have a Snickers?" so in the end I did a meander all over it. My friend Leslie will gasp, but it doesn't look like a mattress, really!!! ROFL --
We're supposed to get a nice rain tonight and I'm SO ready. Our last significant rain was April or so, and that's a long stretch. It's soup and stew and chili and punkin pie time!! Yeaaa!!! Happy October everyone!

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Michael5000 said...

Yikes, a tag!

Quilting Pirate said...

silly donkey!!! Oh dear, you have trouble on your hands! And yah for sunbeams!!

I don't get tagged too often, so I'm off to play!

Leslie said...

nock it off... I'm no quilt police! It's beautiful, because you quilted it. =)

Kim said...

I can identify with your quilting conundrum--I'm at about the same place with a Halloween quilt. I think I might just do an all over meander too. Still thinking though. Your Cocoa Cuddles looks wonderful!