Friday, September 28, 2007

Flowers and Fun stuff

I have my mojo back.....finally!!! After 4 dry months I finally have the itch to get sewing. YAAA!! So I've been finishing up a UFO - pictures tomorrow - and playing with a new scrap block. Too much fun! We "had" to go out to dinner with friends tonight and I didn't want to go. DH stood in my sewing room doorway counting me down - "We have 2 minutes......we have 1 mintute...we're gonna be LATE! Now C'mon!" Geesh - where'd all that patience go?

I've also been actively appreciating this wonderful plant outside our front door: Angel's Trumpet - what a great name!! It's certainly big enough for Gabriel. This is my hand, and I have by far the biggest hands you will ever see on any woman, anywhere. Bigger than most men, and this bloom dwarfs my hand. Plus they are so fragrant at night that the scent wafts into the house - it's heavenly!

I'll show my finished UFO tomorrow - all quilted and everything! But here's a fun scrappy block I'm working on:

I'm going to retreat in a couple of weeks, and I need a good project and this could be it. What do you think of the pale green for a background? I get tired of the same white or off-white backgrounds. All my scrap quilts look the same! I've had this big hunk of green sitting around, and what the heck - cut it up!

I have another vacation pic for you - 2 actually. You may have seen pictures of this gigantic Paul Bunyan and Babe; they live a couple hours north of us, and we always have to stop. It's a touristy place, but they have good bathrooms - LOL!

Now here's one you haven't seen - a close up of the giant:
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Is it just me, or is this CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY???? They even have it rigged so he turns his head and flaps his jaws and talks! Someone sits in a crows nest somewhere and watches people walk up, then makes the creepy giant say things like - "What a nice purple shirt you have on" or "That's a cute doggie - what's his name?" CREEPY!!!!!! Thank goodness the ox doesn't talk. Oh yea, BTW - that's not a black shirt under the red - it's CHEST HAIR!!!! Eeeeewwwwww!!! All he needs is 6 gold chains hanging in all that fuzz.

Bleeeaaahhh - I hope you aren't eating!


Tamera said...

I like the pale green background, but I like green, LOL. I think it works, though. When I looked at the block, I didn't even have a conscious thought that the background was green. It was just a nice place for my eye to rest.

What an interesting block. What's it called?

Angie said...

Wow, Su Bee, that flower is gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen one with such large blooms! :) Your scrappy block is great--can't wait to see more--I'm just glad you have gotten your 'mojo' back. :) I hate it when that happens to me, and it seems to quite often. :/ And was that Paul Bunyon ROFL creepy is right!!!

Bren said...

Well it wasen't too creepy until you said the black "shirt" was chest hair!! Now I am creeped out!

You can never go wrong with green.

JoAnna said...

Totally completely creepy. What sort of skills do you suppose you have to have to run his head? How do you put that on your resume??

Rosy said...

Wow, you are rejuvenated alright! Don't make fun of "ole Paul". I have a photo of me when I was 10, in front of him, w/my sisters and Mom. He was as scary then as he is today!!!