Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Grinding Gears

I just know there's a "gitalong" gear somewhere in my brain, so I'm going digging. The first thing you do when you're in the doldrums is buy fabric, right? So thanks to e-bay I got a cool set of CW FQs, lights only. I have a terrrible time buying lights, I always want the LOUD stuff. These are so pretty, shirting prints, and they'll go with a lot of stuff. The blue stripe is going to be the cover of a doll bed mattress, I think. It looks like ticking. Now, the next picture is a test.

This is the sum total of my work for August - I think. Or pretty nearly, anyway. I'm not a real big chocolate eater, but occasionally I get cravings. This was going to be the guiltless Chocolate Cuddle:
Here comes the test part. See anything wrong with that? OK, aside from the seams that don't quite match........anything else?
I also got Judys book, finally. I had pre-ordered it in May, then got an e-mail from Amazon saying it wouldn't be released till October, then read on someone else blog that they had theirs, from Amazon. HUH??? I checked it out, and sure enough, mine came very shortly. And it's terrific!! I love 9-patch designs, but I would have bought it for the border designs alone -- awesome. Hey Judy -- your next book should be border designs!
Finally, I got this goody box in the mail Tuesday from my pincushion swap partner -- two cute pincushions and a cool tea towel. I love the little mushroom house -- too cute!
Now if I can't use all this to get motivated, I'll have to start dragging out the stash and re-folding all of it and making it all neat.
Or maybe have a margarita and a nap, LOL!
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Bren said...

Your pincushions are really cute. I can not find anything wrong with your top...what am I missing?

Rosy said...

Ok, I give up!!! Looks like yummy chocolates to me!

Norma said...

I don't see anything wrong either! Makes me think of Oreo cookies and hot chocolate..........ya gotta show us!

Saphirz said...

mmm chocolate, now that is a quilt every quilter should have just in case of being out of chocolate.

I like your blog, very fun to read.


Sara said...

Ok so did you rotate those two corners on purpose, as part of the design - that's the only thing I see that could be - but doesn't look wrong.

I'm glad you like your cushions and the tes towel - I always try to use packing material that can be reused and enjoyed rather than thown away.

Have fun with your new book partner!

Michael5000 said...

I can't see anything wrong.....


Pam said...

I guess if we can't see anything wrong with it - then nothing is wrong with it :))

It looks great - like a box of chocolates. Nifty pattern!!

Dawn said...

Oh baby! I LOVE those shirtings! If it isn't too much trouble what line is that red one on the top, bottom row to the right?