Monday, July 30, 2007

Bobcat Wars

Boy, what a weekend! I may have to stay home for a week just to recover -- lol! We went out to the coast on Saturday - my most favorite place. (The best quilt store for 200 miles around) We had lunch on the wharf - this was the view from our table:
So sad, isn't it? I had calamari and the best fish tacos in the known universe. Of course we hit the quilt store, and DH actually made a voluntary contributation to the cause! He dropped me off and went to find coffee and a paper. I spent a great hour grazing, visiting with aquaintanences and loading up. Because I have a heavy FQ dependency problem, I had to get a hit of that.

I got some yardage pieces also - basics to supplement the stash, nothing really exciting. After the quilt store we went antiquing, and there's where we had a little distraction. I found an old Singer, and the shop owner and I were sitting on the floor in this converted Victorian, examining the old machine. As I stood up, I forgot I was practically under the staircase, and I slammed my head into it at full speed, and knocked myself out cold. Don't you hate when that happens? So we spent the rest of the day in the ER at the local hospital, and that was a drag/ruined my day/wasted a weekend.
But I'm OK - lived to fight another day.
Now this is where the bobcat comes in.
I've lost 3 chickens in a weeks time to something we never saw, just heard. Out early one morning looking for tracks, we could easily tell it was a bobcat, so DH set up the trap on Saturday night, baited with a can of catfood and sure enough; we caught the grandkids cat. Sunday night he didn't get the trap re-set, and about 4 am this morning the chickens started squawking. I threw on the floodlights and ran out, but only heard it, didn't see it, and couldn't tell if any chickens were missing. 45 minutes later he was back! Again, we chased him off. About 6 am, already light, I went outside and there he was - standing 40 feet away from me on the other side of the fence. Amazing. I actually walked to within 10 feet of him!! And he just twitched his stubby little tail and watched me, then turned and casually walked away. Think that was all? Oh no -- I happened to glance up as I opened a kitchen window, and the little cuss was IN the chicken pen! By now, we had a gun out and ready, and I hollared at hunny to grab it. He went out one door, I went out the other to lure the horses away. (Had to laugh - Hunny was standing in the yard aiming a high-power rifle with a scope on it, in his undies - rofl!)
He got off a shot, and we both saw the cat scramble for heavy bushes. (And anyone for a mile or so around is awake now) We stood watching from 2 vantage points and pretty soon the cat, again casually, walked back across a clearing and back towards the hills. THAT is one brazen, or sick, little kitty.
Pretty tho - wonder if Hunny will let me get the carcass mounted?


Elaine Adair said...

Oh boy - wish you'd had your camera - either for the bobcat or your gun-toting DH!

Ms. Jan said...

And just where on the coast is that quilt shop and what is it's name??

Pam said...

Oh dear, sounds like our raccoon...maybe your hunny can come shoot the raccoon who is bothering our Koi...of course I would prefer he wear something over his undies!!!

I surely hope you are AOK after your brush with the stairwell...and am wondering, did you get a discount on that machine???


Bren said...

What an awful experience at the antique store! Hope you didn't have too bad of a headache! Sounds like that Bobcat is not threatened by the sound of a gun...he'll have to feel it.

Leigh said...

Too funny. Where is the camera when you need it?!?!

Kim said...

What a weekend! I hope your head's okay now--at least your writing SOUNDS lucid! LOL! I think I need to know the name of that quilt shop though. I don't get that way often, but it might be worth a trip if there a good quilt shop waiting at the end of the drive!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What an incredible weekend... too much to take in all at once. Glad you're OK after that horrible KO on the antique store! The FQ's are pretty. Do we get to see a pic of the bobcat?

Rosy said...

Gee Whiz...Bonk on the head, Hope you got the machine!!!Eeek...Bobcat in the chicken pen! Sounds like a trailer for a new t.v.series!!!LOL
Of course stroking the FQs will make you "all better"