Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hour a Day

I have to admit - I did not do Judys 'Hour a Day' project in July. Well, a little bit. I pulled out the fabric and cut it on Sunday the 29th, and finished all the blocks on Aug 1st. Does that count?

I still need to play around with the color placement anad design. The reason this quilt grabbed me is because in Sept '06, I played around in my EQ and came up with something very similar. I wanted to use my hand-dyes in a project with black and white, and I liked Judy's better than mine. I can't seem to find the picture file, but it's in my Sept 06 blog entry - funny!

The black fabric is not solid black, it has teeny multi-colored dots all over, in colors that match the hand dyes, and I only had a little over a yard of it. What I have left wouldn't cover a modest kitten! Talk about cutting it close. If I had to make 2 more blocks I'd be piecing those little 1 3/4" squares! Sure feels good to be able to sit and sew again --

Still haven't got the bobcat. We rigged a way to lock up the chickens at night so we all sleep better, but they hate it and it's an ordeal for me to try to round them up. To Be Continued.......

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Leslie said...

WoW! And you complain about not getting enough done??

Wish the picture was posted so we could click to zoom. I want to see those teeny-tiny dots. :D