Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July Doldrums

Not too much happens inside in July - ever noticed that? Seems like all the really fun stuff is outside. I had our mini-group over on Saturday and that was a blast - we made little ditty bags and had a potluck lunch: Fresh rhubarb pie, fresh blackberry cobbler and fresh angel food cake. ROFL! It's great to be old - you can eat dessert for lunch!
I have a new heartthrob:
MAN is he cute, or what??? This is month old Jayden Daniel, son of my youngest son. And a clone, I might add. I was privileged to see this young man come into the world much to my shock and delight. My other son is expecting his son in another 2 weeks or so, and after I relayed the story and told him how surprised I was to be allowed in, he and his wife sent me an engraved invitation to attend the birth of their son. WHOOPPEE!!!

Not too much machine sewing happening around here - I'm having to spend most of my time flat on my back and that Janome is waaay too heavy to sit on my chest. However, I have learned to embroider!! My friend Leslie has been itching to teach me, but the time never seemed to work out. Finally last week I went online, (bless the www) found pictures and video and tried it - hey! It's nowhere nearly as hard as I thought!

This was my first attempt - I actually bought an iron-on pattern. There's some really pretty ones out there! Then I freehanded a butterfly and tried some different stitches: And the blue washout pen ran when I got it wet. Gee - never had that happen before! I didn't think to put the dime in till it was too late, but the butterfly measures about 3 inches across. Now I'm working on a pretty big vintage Pooh and Piglet that will have my grandson's name, date of birth and all his stats on it, in a frame. I love doing embroidery, and it makes laying around flat all the time a bit more bearable. Now - I have about 240 posts to catch up on, having missed a week of blogging! You all are busy!


Kim said...

I think I've missed something somewhere--why are you laying flat on your back? Are the July doldrums THAT bad or did you hurt yourself? Maybe craning your neck to see your cute grandson born? Which reminds me--what are you putting in the water around there to make everyone so fruitful? Maybe it's some kind of spell that goes along with making gigantic pear pincushions?! LOL!

Bren said...

Seeing my grandson born was a top 3 moment in my life! I hope I can be there for the next one too. Your embroidery is wonderful. I just started doing it myself and am really enjoying it. Hope you get off your back soon.

Pam said...

Being present at a birth is wonderful, being present at your grandchild's birth is awesome...just brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

This is the first I heard that your back is out, you are headed to the top of my prayer list.

Blessings and healing!

Leigh said...

Congratulations. What a dear little boy.
Your embroidery is lovely. I especially love the butterfly.

Ms. Jan said...

That boys sure is growing fast! I've seen both grandsons born and it was so exciting and wonderful and much more fun than their mother's birth! LOL

Angela said...

Ok so I think since you have already the one adorable little man pictured, you should share the next one with me! :o))

Rosy said...

I knew you over did on our fun mini group sew day!!!! ....Gson is sooo the embroiderys!