Monday, July 02, 2007


I have a real disaster on my hands - namely the raffle quilt I made to raise money for our patients' emergency fund.

This was on display in a north-facing window for 6 weeks, and look what happened!! I have quilts in that window that have been there for years -- and nothing has ever faded even a little, let alone like this. We're supposed to draw tickets and give this thing away today -- what do we do??? I don't want to give this to anyone, yet all those people bought tickets. Now what??
It's my own stupid fault - that blue fabric was some cheapie discount store fabric I got at a yard sale. Notice the red didn't fade? Yep, Quilt shop quality. Any cheapo stuff in my stash is going to the dump, I'm never taking this chance again!
(Wailing, pulling hair and generally freaking out....)


Quilting Journey said...

Oh my goodness, gracious me, girl. Take a deep, deep, deep breath! Now, my suggestions 1)can you applique something patriotic on top of the damaged area? 2) can you iron-on photo transfer something or others that have sayings or thoughts or sayings with photos on top of the area? 3) can you ask a bunch of other quilters to help you out and get suggestions and help..right there, right now? 4) can you crazy quilt patch them on top somehow? 5) can you time travel back 6 weeks and take the darn quilt out of the window? 6)can you promise the winner a repair or replacement and let all of us send you blocks to make something in a hurry with? 7) ANYBODY HAVE A QUILT THEY CAN SPEED MAIL TO SU B FOR A SUBSTITUTE??? (((((HUGS!)))))

Leslie said...

Yah... that's a tuffy. But it's not necessarily that the fabric is 'cheapo', that's the nature of blue fabric, especially navy blue... My mini log cabin's navy blue border faded just because it was hanging above the mantel of the woodstove! If you can imagine.
But as to solutions? If you can delay the presentation... you might try washing it with a *small* amount of Oxyclean in the water. It could even out the color... but it will take the other colors down too. :(

Leigh said...

Sorry Sue, can't offer suggestions, only (((hugs)))

Quilting Journey said...

Just checking back for signs of a miracle. I been doing my boogie woogie miracle dance non-stop for you woman! (We have plenty enough rain in Oregon..don't need any more)...but you still need a miracle it seems! Dang, I wish I had a quilt ready to go that I could mail you. I need to be more greedy and hang on to what I have instead of giving everything away so darn fast! Oh, are in my heart over this one!!! Please, let us know what happens!!!!!

Kim said...

Oh, gosh, I feel so bad for you, Sue! If there's anything I can do, holler! I know it's small comfort now, but a few months ago, the owner of my LQS said there's some spray she uses on quilts that hang in the shop window that keeps them from fading.