Saturday, July 14, 2007

Someone Stop Me!

Before I stuff again!! LOL -- The pincushion bug has bitten me BAD, and I'm still stuffing. More Pinheads, (or maybe they're breeding while I'm sleeping) and now pears -

About a dozen so far. They're such a nice size, (oh, maybe 6 inches tall) and so smooth and firm, stand so nicely and of course allow me lots of fabric playing time. I've gotten the time it takes to make one down now to about 30 minutes, start to finish, and I have a big pile already cut to make more!

Well, I reckon I'll never own that many pins in my entire life, so I'm going to send these off to the Country Store that our Guild sets up during it's annual quilt show.
These are a few of my favorites, so far. I can't believe this - I have 2 UFO's on my design wall nagging at me, and a show coming up for which I have no entrys. None. But here I sit, stuffing little THINGYS and having a ball. And pawing thru bags and boxes and hidy-holes for litle pieces of fabrics, and finding some long lost friends. Does it get any better?
Dh returned home at 1 am this morning from a business trip to Las Vegas, and I sure missed him. He didn't take his cell phone, and the one phone call he made cost $27 so he didn't call again, and that was too long to go without talking to him. Even if all we say is "Hows the horses?" "They're fine" just to hear his voice is part of my day. We had a very nice low-key day, I stuffed while he snoozed on the couch. A couple of trips to town and now he's cooking dinner out on the grill. Big ol' steak for him, and for me grilled veggies with garlic olive oil with a few smashed twigs of rosemary steeped in it. Yummmm..... I made an angel food cake with eggs so fresh they never even made it into the fridge, and we'll melt some sugar-free apricot jam to spoon over it. BTW - if you should ever have the chance to do that, be aware that eggs that fresh whip up 1/3 again as high as store-bought eggs! I made this one with 1/2 sugar and 1/2 Splenda - Hunny is diabetic and I am "chubby" so every bit helps. My chubbiness is melting away tho - 30 lbs down now, and suddenly I have no clothes that fit. I'm going to my daughter-in-laws baby shower tomorrow and I had to go buy something to wear. I threw away about 15 pairs of pants last week, jeans and scrub pants - whoo-hoo! The scrub tops can be taken in and are OK to wear baggy, but the pants are tragic when they're too big. Nothing succeeds like success.
Our three oldest grands: Devyn, Zach and Colton (all from next door) are leaving for camp tomorrow - it's going to be '"ver-wy ver-wy" quiet around here! That means Gramma and Gramps can take a nap in the middle of the day without the doorbell sounding off...**VBS** I'm hosting a sew day next Saturday for my mini-group, and before that can happen I have to clean up my sewing room mayhem so that's going to take up any potential naptime I'm afraid.
Hey...what's happening with my dinner, anyway?
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southerngirlmusings said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love your pears!

Angie said...

Hey Su Bee, those pears are adorable!! May have to try my hand at one of them. :) Sounds like lots of activity going on at your house. :) Enjoy!

Rosy said...

Your pears are such great "quality"! No, worms,brusies,scabs,or bird pecks! Looks like a #1 grade fresh pack to me! LOL

Quilting Journey said...

Su B...these are totally adorable. Nothing breeds success like success, and yours are breeding so rapidly you may have to practice birth control. Until then, your progressing pear progeny are an inspiration and reminder to us all, that when burn-out strikes, just like a new fire somewhere else. You're lit up like a bonfire, woman, and we are all enjoying the light of your labors! So, do they have names, yet????

Leslie said...

They're peary, peary pretty! Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Love the pears. How did you stuff them so perfectly. Whenever I try to stuff anything it ends up all lumpy and bumpy. What sort of poly fill do you use and do you use any special technique when you stuff them?


Nana's Quilts said...

Magnificent - 30lbs. That is terrific. It costs to throw the pants away but what a wonderful 'problem' to have. Congrats! And I do LOVE the pears. Just darling. Did you have a pattern or just make your own?

Mary said...

So great! Yo always inspire me!

homemakerkate said...

those pears are great! I love them!