Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is Bricks and Stones - my project from last week. This pic doesn't show the borders on, but I'll post one of the completed quilt after it's quilted. It's a super simple scrappy pattern, and for this one I used 120 different scraps for the bricks, and it's an eclectic mix to say the least. Black and purple barbed wire next to Victorian roses - where else will you ever see that other than in a quilt?

This morning I start what promises to be a looong 7 day work week. I won't be here all 7 days, mind you , but for the next weeks worth of work days I have to work with a male nurse who makes me crazy. He's a very good nurse, and some of the patients like him, but he is arrogant and immature, and hysterically happy. The manic kind of happy, not the easy cheerful kind of happy you want to be around. The manic type is so hard to be around, impossible to concentrate around and generally a pain in the ass. His our nurses are on a week on/week off rotation, and his weeks are the ones when I schedule my own doctor/dentist appts, errands, days off, whatever. Anything to get me out of here.
Went to our local guild meeting last night and had a pretty good time. I used to be president of that guild and really burned out. If you're one of only 8 people in a group that want to get anything going, it gets old fast. I'm more excited about another guild I've joined, 40 miles away, that is a ton more productive and fun. Everyone there gets involved, and they have a myriad of project, ideas, classes etc that just gets my juices going. The first challenge I joined was 5 fat quarters in a bundle that we paid $5.00 for. There was a wild, riotous melange of bright colors with hearts and rainbow design; a purple, a bright red, a lime green and for some inexplicable reason, a drab brown Debbie Mumm type. AACK??? How to use those? Well -- I'll post a picture as soon as it's quilted, probably tomorrow night. It's due Saturday morning, and they will be judged. I'm still a bit worried about that, because those ladies are talented! They make incredible quilts, and I'm a real novice compared to them. But what the heck - a challenge is a challenge, right? So I have to stretch myself as well.
Back to work now ---

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Leslie said...

You, concerned?? You could teach the classes in that guild. Head up!