Wednesday, May 31, 2006


"Never complain about how things are, because they are bond to change."

This was a line my grandmother tried to hand me many years ago, and of course I knew better and I knew of course things don't change. I always pray that somewhere she is chuckling as I wander thru time and learn hard the lessons she tired to teach me gently. In my quilting I am expirementing with techniques and color and styles I thought I'd never be remotely interested in. My tastes in music and TV are now those of an adult, somewhat conservative gramma type (but I stop myself from saying "this modern music is nothing but noise!") Clothing is still pretty wildly colored, but more sedately cut. And in my work environment I know never to count on anything staying the same for 5 minutes in a row, BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!
LOL -- I am referring to the fact that a rival dialysis clinic in our small town is going out of business, closing it's doors, and sending nearly all of their patients to us. We will go from 54 to 76 patients over the last 2 weeks in June, and the logistics of this meld are immense. Typically growth in our world is very slow but steady, 2 forward, 3 back type of thing. There have been periods that we have admitted 2 or 3 new patients in one week, and that always has everyone scrambling so figure the madness multiplied expotentially and couple it with rumors, misinformation and technical difficulties, and we're about to have a June to remember. In better news, MUCH better news, this Saturday I get to take an all day class with quilter Linda Ballard to make her famous Fractured Crystals quilt design. I am so looking forward to this! I've spent a long time auditioning fabrics and finally settled on a family of purples. Purple is cropping up a lot these days, maybe because it is granddaughter Madelines favorite color?
I've tried 4 times to attach a picture but blogit not cooperating, maybe tomorrow. Now I'm off to bed to prepare to fight another day!

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