Saturday, May 13, 2006

The end of a week

These two gorgeous babies came to me today via DH - who went to an antiques show and sale 4 hours away, hoping to find slot machines. There were none, but he spied these, and thought maybe he knew someone who would appreciate them. Indeed!
The rest of the story with the little basket challange quilt is that I ended tying for first place! Both of us won $25 -- and what a shock. The other was clearly the better, I thought -- an original design and very striking. The vote was blind, by the guild membership, and I'm very pleased.......
My friend Leslie came over today and we encouraged each other into quilting - which was a lot of fun! Sewing with a friend is always fun, and especially when it's a rather onerous job. I had 3 big tables set up to make one immense space for supporting my large quilt and her smaller one. We made good progress, and had a wonderful, relaxing, "pieceful" healing day. Thus should every week end! Tomorrow the new week starts well also, with a trip south 70 miles to my DS &DDIL home, for a Mothers day with all my kids and DDIL's parents as well -- I'm very much looking forward to that! Barbara, the other Mom, is a brand new quilter, and she's begged (imagine!) me to bring some of mine to show. I agreed, but she has to bring hers too! I'll take the bricks and Stones, even tho the quilting is not all done on it. Right now I'm off to lay my old bones down - I've been fighting this huge and heavy quilt all day, and I'm sore!

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