Friday, May 05, 2006

Stupid is as Stupid does

Sometimes you just are stupid. No other word for it - well, you could be nice and say careless, or hasty. But in the end it's just stupid. While doing the quilting on my challange project, I snipped some threads and caught a bit of the sashing in the tips of the scissors; left one of those bird-shaped holes in it. AArrrgghhh!!!! Most of the quilting was done at that point -- what are you gonna do? Well, I peeled a bit of fusible from it's paper and used a pin to slip it under the sahing fabric where the hole is. After I got it all patted flat, I fused it, and marked the spot so I'll know to quilt right across it, and hopefully it will be OK. It's a wall hanging, so no wear and tear, and probably no washing, but GADS! I can be so stupid!!!!

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Leslie said...

Well there was the time I was quilting my great-grand mother's quilt, left it on the couch for five minutes and Nathan as a toddler at the time found me and said proudly, "Look! I kwitted." He'd taken my embroidery scissors and snipped at the top. Yup, there was a bird shape hole right in the solid lattice strip. I think I did the same thing you described. But oh! Gotta love our kids and helping!