Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ohh, the first one

Well, why not? Everyone else is -- and like my mama always said, "Do you have to do what everyone else is doing?" Ummmm, that's still a YES, Mom.
So, about me. I am 51 and a half years old this week, and shocked every day that I'm that age. I am married to my 4th husband Jerry, quite contentedly I have to say, for the past 12 years or so. I am also his 4th wife, and we took alot of flack about that. Between us we have 6 adult children, 5 here with us and one in Heaven. Tim asyphixiated himself accidently 2 years ago playing that horrid "Pass-Out" game. More about that later. His death has changed Jerry and I profoundly, and colors every part of every day. We also have 8 grandchildren whom we adore. Five live right next door to us in our rural area in Northern California wine country. I work as an administrator of a dialysis unit, and Jerry has recently retired from his lifelong career as a cop in one form or another. I quilt, garden and work hard to be the best Grandma I can be, and Jerry putters with his budding antique slot machine business and enjoys being the benevolent Grandpa. Life is good. We have horses, chickens, an adorable donkey named Paco, dog Nippy and King cat, Cuervo (yes, like the tequila).
I'm off now to go to guild......... we'll carry on again tomorrow!
Su Bee

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