Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Un-Christmas Quilt

Have you ever made a quilt you dislike for someone you DO like? Well, here's my current one:

I've been calling it the Anti-Christmas quilt - look a bit closer:

Not your typical Christamas fabric, eh?
My DS#2, (who lives a lifestyle I can't understand) asked me last week - "I don't supposed you're giving me a quilt for Christmas? You haven't made me a quilt since I was 2"
Guess I better give the gift card to someone else and get my fanny in gear!!
So I pulled out this dreadful tattoo fabric I found last year and whipped up the magic 9-patch. Call it a combination of no time, and knowing what kind of trials lay ahead for this quilt, it had to be quick and easy. But not look like it. I only had 2 yards of the tattoo stuff, and ran short on the borders, can you tell?? LOL That's how funny creative ideas are born. I pieced out the borders and made the body kind of cross into the border and viola! All I have left is 1 strip 2 x 42 and four trims of 1x6. GONE!!!! Whoo-oo! Now, I have to whip this puppy back into the machine and quilt the daylights out of it and wrap it.
Later on I'll find my recipe for the Best Cookie in the free world, and post that for you - "Cranberry Hootycreeks"
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dot said...

I like the quilt. I like the fabric and I think many young kids today would like it. Your son is going to be happy.

Marilyn R said...

I like the layout you came up with because you were lacking in fabric for the border. I'm sure your son will be very happy with his new quilt!

Bren said...

My son would love that quilt. When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas he said "a new tattoo". A Tattoo quilt would be more acceptable to me!

Angela said...

Oh my! And I am kinda stuck on the fact you had the fabric already in your stash! LOLOL Love the quilt design though. You do such nice work.

Rosy said...

Mmmm..the contrast in the colors makes the blocks "pop". What is a loving Mom gonna do when you get a request like that! Your design is great!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I like that quilt. Love the colors too. And I can't wait to hear about those cookies. I love the name!! LOL

julieQ said...

Very nice quilt!! and so nice that he wanted one!! When it is quilted, it will be lovely.

Merry Christmas!!


Leslie said...

Even tattooed tuff guys love quilts!

cher said...

way to go! sometimes these last minute quilts turn out to be the most fun! I am sure it will be a huge hit!