Sunday, December 09, 2007

Let the Christmas Crazies Begin!

Well, 2 of the Seasons' parties are behind me now, **big sigh**. The one I have always looked forward to and always had the most fun at was last night, my DH's old squad party. If you ever get an invite to a cops party, GO. If you don't get an invite, find a cop and BEG. I'm tellin' ya, they party the hardest and have the most fun. The gift exchange begins with gag/white elephant or "good stuff", nothing expensive. Each gift can be stolen by someone else 2 times, then it's dead, and that leads to the most raucous time you can imagine. Some of the gifts are a little, ummmm, questionable, and that makes for even more hilarity. My face always hurts for a week from laughing, and we're both hoarse. (And just a little bit hungover, but it's deserved) My lip is a bit draggy today tho, because my handmade gift of placemats and coasters was tossed aside by the newest guy, a kid that looks way too young to be a cop. I hope he re-gifts it to someone who will like it. Oh, pictures? Ummmmm...sorry, didn't take any. Of the placemat/coaster set, nor of the party - cameras are not allowed at the parties. Can you say EVIDENCE? LOL -- there'll be none of that. I have been playing with my new toy tho. This is my first "overlay" image - layering one image on top of another:

Fun, but as my DS pointed out, this one is just a little creepy. He suggests that the younger kids might be a bit freaked out by Santa staring out from the depths of the tree, especially this Santa which is a bit odd anyway. LOL -- hey, it's a new trick! OK, I've also taken 99 pictures of Cuervo, who put up with 2 of them then curled up and went into active "IGNORE" mode. He's not asleep -- by a long shot.
He's telling me - "Not one more, Sista - you got enough. Yaaawwwnnn -- I can't hear you, can't see you and I can't open my eyes, See? I'm sleeping - GO AWAY!" Can you tell he's squeezing his eyes shut like a little kid faking sleep? LMAO!!!

Moving Day at work is now just 3 weeks away, and the stress is building. I'm in for some 7-day weeks, and lots of 15 hour days. Our patients are scared, angry and upset and no one can blame them; all we can do is be supportive and positive. I arranged to have a barbershop quartet come in to sing for the patients, and yesterday got a call from the manager of the group telling me there would be no charge! NONE. Can you say, "Spirit of Christmas?" **VVBS**
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Red Geranium Cottage said...

Sounds like we all missed a great party!! I can understand the no photo policy there. LOL

Pam said...

LOL I looked and looked at that picture and could not for the life of me figure out why it made me feel strange...walked away from the computer...came back and Santree was looking right at me!

LOL no photo policy Hilarious!!!


Perry said...

Your tree picture would make a good "Christmas is coming, you better be good" card. lol...but I sure wouldn't want one. are going to have a lot of fun with your new toy, I call tell already.

Rosy said...

Your imagination is having to much fun...scary Santa! on!

Leslie said...

Cuervo... you cutie, yer not foolin' us. :D

Bren said...

We do the same white elephant here with the family on Christmas eve. It is probably alot more fun with a room full of tipsy cops!!
Don't worry about the placemats and coasters...his mother will snap those right up!
The pic of the cat is wonderful and your caption of his thoughts seems right on target!