Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tea Parties and Surprises!

Our mini group has an annual Christmas Tea Party, featuring delicate little sandwiches and finger-nibblers and of course tea! Hats are required, as are lifted pinkies, and there's always a great Show and Tell. Last night was The Night and as usual was a delightful evening.

Chari and Evette at table, the most willing to have their pictures taken. Actually I did take more pictures but I'm still on the lower end of my new toys learning curve, and I'm very unhappy so far with my results.
Judy is making this beauty for the daughter of a friend; pictures on every block of stages of her life thru high school graduation. Very striking! The she showed us her latest in her adventures in machine quilting, awesome! You should be able to click and see these amazing feathered hearts she did FREEHAND - no marking beyond just the heart outline.
Finally, I'm quite sure these are the first daffodils in the Western Hemisphere - can you believe this??? They're 2 inches tall now - amazing. Poor confused little things!
Finally, on the work front, in the midst of our moving nightmare, 2 of the patient care techs have quit. While I won't be sad to see this particular pair go, it makes it incredibly difficult for the rest of us, and will upset the patients even more. Pretty lousy behavior. I took our social worker and dietitian over to our new clinic yesterday, and it takes all of 35 minutes to drive; they were happily surprised, being prepared to drive an hour, so their outlook on the move has brightened considerably which sure helps mine! It's nice to have folks on board when there's something yucky but unavoidable to do. Just make the best and GET ON WITH IT!!!
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Rosy said...

Oh, what a fun time you ladies had!
I can hear the giggles! Is the office move 35 miles to the "east" just down the street from a Safeway?? I found some Daffy's up also the other day!!! Glad mine are not alone!

Rosy said...

P.S. The quilting of those "feathered hearts" is wonderful! Judy has got to go "public" w/this talent.

Perry said...

Looks like a great lunch. And I do like the quilts you have pictures of. The feathers are awesome. And poor daffodils is right. Wonder why they are blooming so soon. Strange weather.

Bren said...

Finally I am catching up on my blog reading. This bug is nasty!!
The machine quilted feathers are amazing!!!! I do not think I have ever "gasped" at machine quilting like that before! Tell your friend "excellent!!!"
I am sure the move will be difficult for everyone, but the staff needs to remember that the patients are not moving their work, but their home. The 2 that bailed at such a time were only thinking of themselves. Thank goodness you are there to lead the way!