Sunday, August 12, 2007

Michelle, over at With Heart and Hands, a Quilting Journey, has deemed me worthy of this honor, and I hafta tell you - If I had seen it first I would have tagged her! Despite a bit of an overdose of all the junk Life can throw at you, Michelle remains serene and composed, and never fails to turn herself outwards - always reaching out. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you don't know what you're missing. Once a teacher always a teacher, and she has so much to teach us all -- especially how to keep a glad heart and inquisitive mind. Sista, I am truly honored; thank you.
A lot of us don't overtly try to inspire others, but everyone who sets out to keep a blog and is fairly consistent about it can't help but inspire. Whether to dig out a particular piece of fabric and "try that" or reading that we're not alone out here dealing with Life - there's comfort and wisdom to be found with all of our invisible friends. We all pretty much have the same issues, so reading how So&So a continent away handled that problem, or seeing the way Ms. Who has kept a sense of humor thru it all helps every one of us keep the chins up. We're electronically sharing the weight just as we would have shared it over a communal quilt frame 100 years ago, and I really like that. Blogging touches a need we all have to connect, to reach out and to be reached by others.
And so to pass the torch -
As much as Michelle inspires me psychically, Elaine Adair Pieces is my quilty inspiration. I love her quilt style, I love her creativity and I love her outstanding workmanship. Elaines' work is what I aspire to; that's the quilter I would be if I could. Elaine has unwittingly helped me out of a quilting slump, and if that isn't the definati0n of an Inspiring Blogger then I'll eat my cutting mat. (Not really, but the conviction is there - LOL!)
Elaine - Hat's off to you! I'm so glad you share all that talent with us, that makes you the next recipient of the Inspirational Blogger Award!
(hands off the crown) VBG!!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Congratulations on your award, what an honor (and blessing) to know that you've inspired someone else! :)