Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Five

I like reading these as they go around Blogland - and learn stuff too! You can answer as a comment or copy & paste to yours --

Pirated from The Quilting Pirate

This week's theme: Batting & Backings

1. What batting do you prefer to use? Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom, I like a heavy but flat quilt that I can quilt the bejabbers out of. For baby quilts and donation quilts, I like the cheapie cotton batt from Walmart - as it ages it's so soft and drapes beautifully. Easy to wrap up in.

2. Do you purchase batting by the yard (off a bolt) or in a bag? I buy The whole roll.

3. Do you purchase batting for more than one project at a time? Yep - the whole roll, LOL!

4. When do you purchase your backing (after a project is completed or while you are picking out all the fabric in the beginning of a project)? I buy up sale fabric as I find it, in amounts large enough for king backings, and I can usually find a piece in there that will work. I would never pay full price for a matching back -

5. What do you do with all the leftover strips of batting? Stitch 'em together for small quilts, potholders, practice sandwiches and here's a new one - wrapping ornaments or packing little breakable doo-dads.

How about you?


Rosy said...

I have done a few of those!!!! See....quilters have great minds!

Bren said...

I like Hobbs 80/20 too. My absolute favorite batting is Quilter's Dream. I could carry a piece of it in my hand and just feel it all day...weird, I know...but it is that nice! I never throw a piece of batting away. Backing...hmmm...I really like muslin as my handquilting shows up nicely. I prefer the 120 wide so I do not have to piece it!