Monday, May 28, 2007


As we think about the thousands of men and women who gave their lives in service, don't forget the families of those soliders. They have also given their lives, maybe in a less visible way but gone none the less.
That warm snuggly puddle of baby grew up and died alone halfway across the world from home, and the Army couldn't find enough pieces to send to his mother. The little Princess who delighted her daddy with her dancing came home in a box, and her daddy was given a flag and told Thank You for your sacrifice. They deserve our prayers and thoughts as much as the sons and daughters they lost. Today we Remember all of them.


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Quilting Journey said...

You are so right and have hit the nail on the coffin's head. It breaks my heart to think of the damage and carnage that this war has created in broken hearts. bodies and spirits across this land and theirs. It's why I am so dedicated to my patriotic lap quilts. I may hate the war, but I honor the soldiers, respect their patriotic intentions, and send endless healing love to all who have suffered from it. Thank you for going right to the heart of the matter!