Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

I hope everyone has the best Mothers Day possible, whether you are a Mom or not, whether you have your Mom or not, it's a special day for very special people - Hug a Mom!
I made myself a special MD treat:
SO unlike me -- I've been so good and managed to drop about 20# in 2 months, so this is all I made. I know me. And I'm going to be sparing with them, and enjoy them sloooowly.....
Got Mom's purse finished today,

it's a Cowboy purse, for sure. She has a remuda of horses, and loves them above anything. Of course she gets a Cowboy purse. Monogrammed, even, and lots of pockets, and horsehoes inside. What I didn't get pics of is the cell phone pocket on the side, and the Saskagewea (sp?) gold dollar that I glued over the magna-snap. Kinda cool.

Getting ready for a long trip is always a bit anxious for me -- I know I'm going to forget something. I have 5 active lists -- Work, Home, Madeline, Pack, DoBefore. Not too anal, no not me!
Out to dinner tonight to an old hotel that's been renovated, in a teeny charming town called Upper Lake. (ever hear of this one Rosy?) I'm really looking forward to this! But first, a nap - oh goody!
Happy Days!

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Elaine Adair said...

While those strawberries look soooo scrumtious (sp?), what I REALLY want to know is about how you had the strength to lose 20 lbs in 2 months! Wow, I diet for 4 weeks and lost 2 lbs. Not fair.

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Kim said...

Oh, yum, your chocolate covered strawberries look extremely delicious! Love the bag you made your mom too!

Leigh said...


Mama Koch said...

The strawberries look lucious!

Congrats on the weight loss. I need to do the same, but it won't leave....

Cute purse.

Rosy said...

Yeeha! My heart jumps at the sight of the strawberrys; losing 20 lbs and the great purse!

MOLLY said...

Girl!! I have dieted for 6 weeks and lost 7#s. Slow Metabolism? I wishe I could lose 20 in 2 weeks. Life would be grand. I guess you starve yourself--it's not in me to do that. This purse is adoorable. Will you make me one? My DDIL loves horses and she would kill for that purse. What pattern did you use? Great blog!

jovaliquilts said...

I was going to comment on what a great purse you made your mother, but in fact what I'm most excited about is that I learned a new word! I had to look up 'remuda.' I just hope I remember it. ;)