Saturday, October 14, 2006

Skunk Train

If you ever have the chance to go to Ft. Bragg, California, you must take the Skunk Train ride. It winds it's way thru some pretty dense redwood forests, remnants of what was once a huge timberland. The train was originally only for logs, the qickest way to get them out od the woods and into a sawmill. We got to ride the original steam engine, and it made all the perfect steam engine sounds. I spent the day in Ft. Bragg again, this time with an old high school chum of mine. We figured out that we have not spent a day alone together since 1972. WOW! Time sure flew by!! We stayed out on the open observation car, even tho it has no seats, and we froze solid. Debbie hates hot weather as much as I do, and we revelled in being cold. It felt so good to get a cup of hot cocoa and wrap our popcicle-fingers around it. Felt good to be bundled against the cold, and having to wipe runny noses. In other words, we LOVED being cold!

After the 4 1/2 hour ride, we went to a restrauant on the wharf and had steaming bread-bowls of thick clam chowder --- Ummmmm!! Some hot, fresh sourdough bread to go with it, and a nice beer, and we were happy girls. We haven't seen each other in about 10 years, and that was short, and the time before that was maybe 10 years also. Gee -- it's sure easy to stay friends that way, huh?? We picked up wherever we left off tho, without a minutes worth of strangeness. That has to speak for something. As different as we've become, we are still connected on some level and really enjoyed each other. Took lots of goofy pictures, and had others take some of us together, and when we meet again in 10 more years, we'll laugh at how dumb we were. Tomorrow they'll come to my house, along with all my kids who haven't seen these friends since they were little kids. My kids have great memories, and they're anxious to renew friendships and show of their own kids. Another fun, but long day - so I'm off to bed early to be ready!


Rosy said...

So much fun to be w/good friends!
You gals had a nice time and left the driving to the "skunk engineer". I'll see you Nov.4th!

soccertxi said...

My best friends husband has a backyard train. I found a t-shirt she bought for him that says "Still Plays with Trains"! He has so much fun ...learned how to weld just so he could make stuff for the layout! Sounds like us huh??