Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Old Shirts and Quilts

One of my favorite long-time patients passed away early in September, and his wife came in to my office a few weeks later. In talking to her, she mentioned that she didn't know what to do with all his clothes, and I quickly told her, "Bring his shirts to me, I'll make you a quilt" So she did, and I am. There's 22 plaid shirts.
It's given me alot to think about as I piece these simple blocks. First, it has to be about the fabrics only, so that's why the very simple block. Second, I'm going to use a thin cotton batt and flannel plaid backing because she is a tiny lady and gets cold easily. I want it to be as snuggly as I can make it. Third, his shirts are the same ones my husband wears. They both shop exclusively at the same farm supply store, and the only shirts they both have are these plaid, snap-front western shirts. I'm always yammering at my sweetie to pleeeese buy some "normal" shirts. Working these same shirts into a quilt however, gives me pause. Do I really want his shirts to disappear from my closet and my life? Ummm... NO!! This could be his shirts, his quilt. For me. I have a fresh appreciation for him and his shirts.
Working with these fabrics has been an adventure. Many of them are very very thin, and have NO body left to them. I'm pretty sure they're some sort of poly blend, and they are as stretchie as gum. I starched the bejabbers out of them before I cut. LOL - they were about as stiff as balsa wood!! It'll wash out, but it's a lot easier to work them now. I'm about the halfway point with the blocks, hope to have it all done this weekend.
The cowboy boot block is a prototype for our oldest granddaughters Christmas quilt; she's a horse crazy 15 years old and wears nothing but this style boots, every day.
Oh, one more thing. The name of this quilt is "A Hug from Charley" :-)


Nancy said...

I recognize some of those shirt prints! I have a feeling your husband and mine buy their shirts (shap front western) from the same farm supply company. LOL!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh gosh, same store here in western Nebraska! Love that quilt and it has given me some ideas for the ..ah hem... 15 shirts I bought at our local Mission store for ...ready for this? $7.50! And 3 of the shirts I saved to use! What a great resource for fabric!

Rosy said...

You are a "quilt angel" to create a "memory" for the family to cherish!

soccertxi said...

I have always loved this pattern (altho I HATE the name!) I have a UFO in this pattern in Hawaiian fabrics I call Aloha in the Corner. SOMEDAY I will finish it. I can just picture that sweet lady wrapped up in this with all her memories. You are a dear.

Hedgehog said...

What a tremendous gesture.