Monday, October 09, 2006

Quilt Show

So many changes and new things! I'm trying a new way to post pictures - Picasa has a direct line, but it wouldn't put 2 pictures in one post. Hmmmmm.... I'll figure it out!
This weekend was our guilds annual quilt show, with over 25o quilts entered. With some reluctance I entered three quilts, I thought for show only, not for judging. After some bit of misunderstanding, they were in fact judged, and to my complete shock, I won a first, a second and an honorable mention.

Fire in the Hearth, (working title Log Cabin from Grief) took first in it's category. Shocked is barely descriptive enough. Almost horrified - it's a LOG CABIN. There were dozens and dozens of original designs and way more beautiful, and made by incredibly talented women. I still wonder a bit if the nice judge had forgotten her glasses. I found out from my quilt buddy Leslie, for which I will be eternally grateful. I know there's an unwritten law among quilters that you don't tell, but if I had walked in there cold and seen this, I really think I might have cried. As it was, I shook for an hour while my husband crowed like a rooster. Bless him - he gets to say "I told you so" and he is.

The second quilt to stun me was this Red Radio Flyer which took second. I'm still flabbergasted. The only comment the judge made in the "Areas you could improve" was that I had left some threads unclipped -- oops! Dang it, I thought I got them all!
Finally, the Ice Mountains got the honorable mention. I'm thrilled, embarrassed, gratified, shocked......a tumult of emotions. I truly don't feel like my work is on a par with the others in the show, and I'm not being falsely modest. Maybe because this is only the second time I've had quilts judged and it's still all new. My friend Dottie got a Best of Show with one of hers, and she was pretty blase about it. I've seen Dotties quilt room, and she's got plenty of ribbons so maybe you get used to it? Maybe having a totally impartial person say they're good? At any rate, as Leslie says - "I don't want to hear you say any more that you're not as good " So OK, I will set about giving myself an attitude adjustment.
It was a good weekend!


Hedgehog said...

Congratulations!! They are beautiful. Those judges knew what they were doing. :)

Nancy said...

Congratulations! You might not think they were winner quality but the judges evidently did. Good for them! :-)

Rosy said... done great! I was there saw it all and you deserve what you were given!!! Relish with pride and get ready for next year!!! Its okay to hang your ribbons on your rear view mirror!! ;=)

Elaine Adair said...

My Goodness! Did you do good or did you do good!!! They are beautiful, and the judges knew it! Congratulations.

Angie said...

Congratulations, Su Bee!!! Yee Haaa :D

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