Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Sad Times

It seems like I'm talking about Death alot these days.......Tim, the Memory quilt, and now my close friend Lee. Her husband passed away on Friday. It wasn't entirely unexpected, but still and always, we're never braced for it. On Saturday, I picked her up at her house because she just wanted to get out. She only has one sister and a nephew, and no other family. So off we went, first stop the mortuary for some business, then, believe it or not, we went to the LQS. There's a lot of comfort there. Friends ready with hugs and condolences and bright fabrics and quilts hanging. It was a nice place to be. Leaving there, we stopped at a tiny Mexican market and bought fresh tamales, right out of the steamer. We took those and some sodas and drove way out of town to another friends house, where we had a beautiful afternoon. Her house is on a remote hillside, and her back deck looks out on trees and wildness and silence. We shared prayers and lunch, and quiet conversation. We also shared irrreverent jokes, plenty of laughs and stories before heading upstairs to her quilt room. More comfort. If there was any doubt, quilters are the best friends anyone can have.

The memory quilt "A Hug from Charley" is a complete top, and I hope to start quilting it tonight.


Rosy said... are a "quilters angel"!

Angie said...

That made such a pretty "memory quilt", Su Bee! And I'm sorry to hear that there's yet more death to deal with. But your friend is so fortunate to have people like you around her, especially at a time like this.

Hedgehog said...

What a beautiful quilt. I hope those hugs are comforting.

soccertxi said...

I just love this pattern..nice and scrappy..

Anonymous said...

What a great friend you are.