Saturday, January 12, 2008

Survival of the Fittest!!

I made it. We got the clinic all moved, the patients "kind of" settled in, and the worst of the storm is over. It required a long string of 7am - 8pm (or worse!) with not much in the way of breaks. And life in a clinic like ours moves at break-neck speed; meaning frantic. Things have to happen RIGHT NOW and when 12 of those thingts hit at once it's tough. When you have 4 of those things every 10 minutes for hours on end - it's worse than tough. One day I wolfed my lunch while standing in the hall listening to another litany of problems, like - "we don't have any 1.5cc syringes" and "can you get us better chux than these?" and "I'm missing 6 hours on my timecard" When one young guy asked me if I would go over his job review with him, (which was a month ago!!) I barked at him. I apologised later, but jeeez -- I hope I never live thru that again. I did get a new project started and to the flimsy stage, and I'd like to quilt it tomorrow. Just a fun scrappy one that looks like it should hang in my sewing room:

And at 3 am a couple of days ago, I made a set of coasters for a friend who likes raspberries and bananas with cream -- I'm going to give them to her tonight.
I have high hopes for tomorrow -- and my promise to myself is if I get that top quilted I can start another one. I'll also come back tomorow and show you what happens when I can't sleep and I'm worried and upset -- I indulge in on-line fabric therapy! TONS of it -- LOL -- the boxes have been coming for 3 days now, and there's still a few more out there. Wait till you see!!
Finally, here's my "Awwwww" for the day. This is my DGD#1 and her baby brother DGS#1 - and they adore each other!

There's nothing quite like a big wet slobbery kiss from a 6 month old!
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Pam said...

Good to hear the move is finally more or less over.

Love the bright colours of that quilt and it does look like it belongs in a sewing room. And I absolutely LOVE the cool banana and raspberry fabric - what a great idea for coasters - I'm not really into making coasters but with fabric like that - fabulous!!

Beautiful picture - so good to have photos like that - before you know it they are teenagers.

Bren said...

Glad your move is over. How stressful, but you came through it and even though you barked, you did not bite!!
Your new flimsey is so cute! And the coasters are adorable. Your friend will love them!!
Now what to say about those grandbabies??!! What a beautiful picture.

Linda said...

What gorgeous colours in that flimsy, very cute coasters and terrific grand kid pics. Hmmm loads of boxes huh, don't keep us in suspense for too long.

Mar said...

Hope things settle down for you. That picture is just the sweetest I've seen in a long time!

Quilting Pirate said...

what great coasters -your friend is going to love them!

I love seeing your pictures, the kids are the best!

Darlene said...

Thank goodness that move is completed. whew!

Love that picture of your grands.

And, your quilt is adorable!