Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lazy Sundays

It feels like a lazy day but I'm sure not gettin' any of that! We have a very nice sunny mellow day, and even with lots to do it just feels like a slow moving day. I've been trying to straighten a house that hasn't been straightened for a month - LOL! Laundry, etc -- all that jazz. Pot of homemade minestrone on the stove and I've got the little spools quilt in my machine getting quilted. Only the thread keeps breaking sooooo --- time out for temper control. In the meantime, I promised to show you my bounty from my midnight
web-raids. Only three boxes have arrived so far, and there's more on the way. FUN!! First up - a Collection:

I'm not usually a collector of collections, I'm way too casual and I like to make up my own rainbows, but this one really spoke to me. The colors are so gentle and sweet and maybe I just needed some of that. At any rate, it's called "Spoonfuls" for Heavens sake; WHY "Spoonfuls"???? What do these lovely soft colors have to do with anything remotely connected to spoons? LOL -- maybe they ran out of names?
This next stack came from Tennessee Quilts and more accurately reflects how I usually choose fabrics:

Little bit of this and a little of that -- By now you know I'm not on any fabric diet whatsoever! I'm an unabashed and unapologetic consumer of beautiful fabrics now when the money is there, because I can see that someday maybe it won't be so easy to feed the quilting bug. Never knew bugs could eat so much, eh?
So having told you I don't do collections, here's another one! Not just a collection, but a MODA collection which is something else I don't do!

Yea yea - it's Holly Jolly, and I know I'm running behind the curve. Oh well, I still like it. The other prints are on their way, because I rounded them up from multiple sites. Most of them are on clearance too!

Our oldest DS (Daddy to the herd of grands next door) will be here shortly to discuss bathroom renovations. He owns a wildly successful contracting business, and finally has a bit of time to squeeze us in. LOL -- he thinks all I want is a new shower, boy is he in for a surprise! The whole thing needs to be gutted and put back together right. All new. PLUS I want about 3 solar tubes for the kitchen and bedroom, and a bigger kitchen window, and new countertops, and reface the fireplace........ if you see a tall good looking blonde man running down your street, kick him back, OK?
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julieQ said...

Such pretty fabrics!! I love the holly jollies too...I have a charm pack of them, but don't have an idea what to do with them yet.


Bren said...

The fabrics are all beautiful!! I am not on a fabric diet either! One diet is enough!

Pam said...

I purchased some Holly Jolly in October, and a little bit more in November...and yep...more in December. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I worked with it a bit and sent off a table runner for a swap and the rest is MINE MINE it!

Your stash additions are wonderful...and I'm glad the move is done and over with.

Should I happen to see your son I will kick him back home once I get him to finish re-serfacing the ceilings, knock out the closet in MCM, frame in a sunroom...maybe you should just start looking for a different contractor....


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love me some Holly Jolly fabrics. That line was great.

Linda said...

My first thought when I saw the first pile of fabric was yummmm. All gorgeous fabrics and I'm with you, no fabric diet going on here.

Suze said...

Such wonderful choices.

Good luck on the redo. We expect pictures.