Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's Rainin' Babies!

We're in the final stretch now, and it's baby shower time! I've been smokin' the Janome to get all these baby quilts ready, and my little dim bulb went off during one of them. It seems like I always battle the binding when it's time to turn it back to blind stitch. The Quilting Fairy landed on my shoulder and whispered sweetly, "So press it back, stupid!!!

OK, so I'm a slow learner and everyone else already knew this little trick - but it sure tickles me!! The first shower was last weekend for baby Jayden Daniel whose parents are Sandra and (my DS#2) Dan, below.
She squeals - "Don't take a profile!" but you know, she'll forget, and this will be one she loves. Years from now! I got one shot of Sandra reading the label of one of the quilts, but somehow I didn't get a picture of the other quilt. You can see a tiny bit of it across the knee of someone in the lower right hand corner.
As she unwrapped them, my son was practically dancing -- "Look at the label! Look at the label!!" LOL!! He knows about labels, she didn't; and they made her cry. Me too.
Despite my deadlines, (next shower is next weekend for GS#2) I didn't get any sewing done this week. Something dreadful happened to my lower back and ruined my week - and maybe next week too. I have renewed respect for everyone who lives with this all the time. It's a first for me, this not being able to walk thing. Lousy --- So x-rays, MRI and a trip to the neurosurgeon are about all that's happening here. And watching my ceiling fan go round and round. Grumble grumble.
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Leah S said...

Ouch for the back! I really sympathize because I hurt my lower back about a month ago and recover is slow. The only advice I can give is don't unthinkingly bend over to pick up a piece of trash, SQUAT!

I'm glad she liked the quilt enough to cry. :)

Quilting Pirate said...

sorry about your back - hopefully it will heal quickly to finish your other quilts.

Happy to see your gift was loved and really appreciated! You have trained your son well ;)

Kim said...

Gee, why didn't you TELL me you didn't know about ironing bindings? I would have told you! LOL! I don't like those binding clips I see quilters using either, although I gave them a try because I thought I had to. But I find that as long as I iron and it's not a real wide binding, it works just fine. I hope you're back is feeling better before long--I threw mine out once putting my my pantyhose. How embarrassing is that? Sheesh!

Leigh said...

Sorry to hear about your back.Hope it's fixed up easily.
Such an exciting time with all these babies.
I didn't know about ironing back the binding either. What a great idea.Thanks.

Rose Marie said...

Ironing the binding ... I would never have thought of that! Thanks for the tip.

Quilting Journey said...

Sending good thoughts to your back, Miss Su B...we've all done that and certainly can feel for you! You take care of yourself, hear? And what sweet shower wonderful to have new babies springing up all around you!

Pam said...

I hope your back is better soon. I had one pulled muscle in my back once - what pain, I was stuck on the floor and my husband had to haul me to an upright position!!

Baby quilts really are special aren't they!

I am always forgetting that I can just iron the binding - LOL

Katrina said...

I love ironing my binding back too :) You get a much nicer edge. I like it so much that I will do it for any size of quilt now :)

Great job on the quilts.