Thursday, June 21, 2007


Dh called me at work today and interrupted a perfectly good madhouse with this: "Do you want to go see Paul Revere and the Raiders?"
Now, if you're a child of the 60's of a certain age, you well know who that is, and I bet you haven't thought about them in years! I sure hadn't. But all of a sudden it's 1967 and Mark Lindsay is plastered on my bedroom walls, and I spent the rest of the day humming "Kicks". The show is tonight, and guess what? Ol' Paul himself is still the wild and crazy front man, and you won't believe who their star singer is! It's Bill Medley's kid! I can't remember his name, but if he inherited anything like his old mans voice, then he can melt the upholstery right off the chairs.
Oh, am I going? Well, no. Turns out good old Chuck only had one ticket, and even tho it was a front row seat (!) it's no fun to go alone, and there were no more tickets available. But naturally I hit the web and checked out all the players - Mark's website, found an update on Fang and some current pictures of the group. So if Paul was in his 30's as I recall, in their heyday 40 years ago (yikes!) he has to be close to or over 70 and still going like a madman - and still has long flowing blonde hair, LOL! Ahhhh, nice little trip back in time.

(And it seems like kicks just keep gettin' harder to find......)


Pam said...

I think we lost each other...but we have both been found!! LOL not only did I switch from Blogger but I also got a new laptop so my list of favorites is lost in cyber space...ok, you are now in my Sage...phew! glad that is over!

Say Hi to Paul for me!

Pam @

Rosy said...

Ahh gee, what fun memories!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Tag you are it! Please list 7 random facts about you.

I remember Paul Revere he was sooo cute!

All these old singers are getting a second career from the boomers that remember