Friday, January 05, 2007

Flyin South

Well -- Mom is still in San Diego for a few more days before she heads back to Utah, and I may or may not get to go spend a few weeks anytime soon. SO - today I decided I can't wait, I have to go get my eyes and hands on her. Tomorrow I'm getting on a plane and jetting to San Diego to spend 24 hours with her. Hopefully that'll hold me till I get the good visit.
Bon Voyage!


SewUniqueCreationsQuilting said...

You go girl! Give your Mom big huge hugs and just be with her, laugh, cry, just sit together and you'll feel a wee bit better. You are in our prayers and have a safe flight!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! Hold her hand, hug her, stroke her head...just be near here...laughing, crying, reflecting...continuing to pray