Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Roller Coaster

Mom sent an e-mail to her family and closest friends, telling about her diagnosis and her plan. She is not interested in anything that will prolong dying nor make it more expensive. She said that she will play the hand dealt with as much grace and dignity as possible. (My mom and Jackie Kennedy are SO alike - when I was very young I used to think they were sisters) She went on to ask that everyone think of her on a good horse, flying through the mountains.
A friend of mine sent word around the globe thru her network of cyber-friends that my mother and I need prayer, and the most amazing thing happened! My old best friend from high school, whom I lost touch with about 15 years or so ago, thought she recognized the two names, Moms and mine, when it came to her through many channels. She sent me a note asking if it was me, and we've had a wonderful cyber reunion! She reminded me that I have Gods word that He will strengthen me, and of course she is right. It's a good thought I have held close all day.
The picture is Mom taken summer of '05 - her favorite dog and one of her horses. A mountain meadow high in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. Isn't it beautiful? She might look so little and forlorn, but believe me she is never happier than in this picture.
Still not sure when I'll be leaving - she has agreed to travel to southern Ca for a second opinion at my uncles' urging. As we agreed on the phone tonight, one day at a time. One day at a time.


Leslie said...

Cyberspace is such a miraculous place! I'm often amazed at it's power and breadth. You've been sent a friend to cheer and strengthen you. =)

Anonymous said...

One day at a time, and each day wrapped in His loving arms.

Anonymous said...

The photos are breathtaking!I so admire your Mothers strength! Second opinions are good! The Lord works in mysterious ways when we least expect it! Hang on!